An album is a sound recording format first used in gramophone records, and later in other analog recording and digital recording media.

type of thing that is published, class that is a subclass of thing that is published

members likely to have derivative names
Common-sense Distinct From
Dbpedia Class Url
Distinct From
person , animal , film , business , socio-economic class ,  …
The Illmatic Collection , Relapse , Circus , 808s & Heartbreak , Days of Wild: 1993-2001 ,  …
Format for
Flavor of the Weak , I'm Not Lisa , Nobody , Tell Me a Lie , A Lesson in Leaving ,  …
Parent Class
intellectual property , product , property , object , artwork ,  …
SM Entertainment , GMA Records , VIVA Records , Harmony House , Mnet Media ,  …
studio album , cover album , compilation album , live album , soundtrack album ,  …
Universal Attributes
sold by Amazon
Wordnet Synset ID

tk10publ tk10canl

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