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entrepreneurs born in 1948

  • The entrepreneurs born in 1948 were Vincent Lo, Henry Fan, Linda O'Connor, Linus Cheung, York Liao, Gennady Alferenko, Jimmy Lai, Lew Mon-hung and Tse Ka Kui.
  • Vincent Lo

    Vincent Lo, also known as Lo Hong Shui in Cantonese and Luo Kangrui in Mandarin (or ), the chairman of Hong Kong-based Shui On Group, a building-materials and construction firm

  • Henry Fan

    Henry Fan Hung Ling, SBS, JP (born 1948 in Shanghai with family roots in Ningbo, Zhejiang), the managing director of CITIC Pacific and the vice-chairman of Cathay Pacific Airways

  • Linda O'Connor

    Linda O'Connor (born 30 October 1948), the atheist and entrepreneur, married to Gary O'Connor, living in Launceston and Mount Barker and formerly employed by Adelaide Hills Stationery

  • Linus Cheung

    Linus Cheung Wing Lam, JP, the chairman of Asia Television in Hong Kong

  • York Liao

    York Liao, MBE, SBS, JP, the Chinese-born Hong Kong government official and businessman, who is or has been:

  • Gennady Alferenko

    Gennady Alferenko, the Soviet and Russian social innovator; in 1970 he established Terpsichore, the first local community organization registered as a legal entity in the USSR; in 1985 he established the Foundation for Social Inventions of the USSR

  • Jimmy Lai

    Lai Chee-Ying, better known by his western name Jimmy Lai, the entrepreneur

  • Lew Mon-hung

    Lew Mon-hung, BBS, nicknamed "Dream Bear" derived from his name in Chinese, the Hong Kong businessman who is the former deputy chairman and executive director of Pearl Oriental Oil Limited

  • Tse Ka Kui

    Tse Ka Kui, the active social entrepreneur in Hong Kong