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entrepreneurs born in 1948

  • The entrepreneurs born in 1948 include Gianfelice Rocca, Tse Ka Kui, Kojo Sarfo, Lew Mon-hung and Shiv R. Jhawar.
  • Gianfelice Rocca
    Gianfelice Rocca
    Gianfelice Rocca

    Gianfelice Rocca, the Italian entrepreneur

  • Anatoly Fradis
    Anatoly Fradis
    Anatoly Fradis

    Anatoly Fradis, the actor, film director, producer and entrepreneur

  • Gaston Gonnet
    Gaston Gonnet
    Gaston Gonnet

    Gaston H. Gonnet, the Uruguayan computer scientist and entrepreneur

  • Tse Ka Kui

    Tse Ka Kui, the active social entrepreneur in Hong Kong

  • Kojo Sarfo

    Apostle Kojo Sarfo, the Ghanaian pastor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, innovator and inventor.,

  • Lew Mon-hung

    Lew Mon-hung, BBS, nicknamed "Dream Bear" derived from his name in Chinese, the Hong Kong businessman who is the former deputy chairman and executive director of Pearl Oriental Oil Limited

  • Shiv R. Jhawar

    Shiv R. Jhawar, the Indian-American author, public speaker and entrepreneur

  • Alan Webber

    Alan Webber, the American entrepreneur, writer and progressive Democrat who unsuccessfully ran for Governor of New Mexico in 2014

  • Stephen E. Coit

    Stephen Ellsworth Coit, the American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and painter, best known for his series of portraits commissioned by Harvard University

  • Gian Fulgoni

    Gian Mark Fulgoni, the British businessman, entrepreneur and market research consultant