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You asked:

entrepreneurs born in 1948

  • The entrepreneurs born in 1948 include Moshe Yanai, Jimmy Lai, Vincent Lo, Gianfelice Rocca and Linus Cheung.
  • Gianfelice Rocca
    Gianfelice Rocca
    Gianfelice Rocca

    Gianfelice Rocca, the Italian entrepreneur

  • Gaston Gonnet
    Gaston Gonnet
    Gaston Gonnet

    Gaston H. Gonnet, the Uruguayan computer scientist and entrepreneur

  • Anatoly Fradis
    Anatoly Fradis
    Anatoly Fradis

    Anatoly Fradis, the actor, film director, producer and entrepreneur

  • Moshe Yanai

    Moshe Yanai, the Israeli electrical engineer

  • Jimmy Lai

    Lai Chee-Ying, better known by his western name Jimmy Lai, the Hong Kong entrepreneur

  • Vincent Lo

    Vincent Lo, also known as Lo Hong Shui in Cantonese and Luo Kangrui in Mandarin (or ), the chairman of Hong Kong-based Shui On Group, a building-materials and construction firm

  • Linus Cheung

    Linus Cheung Wing Lam, JP, the chairman of Asia Television in Hong Kong

  • Bodo Linnhoff

    Bodo Linnhoff, the chemical engineer and entrepreneur who developed Pinch Analysis, a technique for minimizing energy usage in the process industries

  • Jim Jorgensen

    Jim Jorgensen, the serial entrepreneur

  • Krishna Ella

    Krishna M. Ella, the Indian entrepreneur, scientist, and founder of Bharat Biotech International Ltd, Genome Valley and Ella foundation