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diplomats who died of suicide

  • The diplomats that suicide is a cause of death of include Robert Adams, Romain Gary, John Gilbert Winant, Walther Hewel and Ivan Hribar.
  • Walther Hewel
    Walther Hewel

    Walther Hewel (2 January 1904 - 2 May 1945), the German diplomat before and during World War II and one of German dictator Adolf Hitler's few personal friends

  • Ivan Hribar
    Ivan Hribar

    Ivan Hribar, (19 September 1851 - 28 December 1941), the Slovene banker, politician, diplomat and publicist

  • Jan Lechoń
    Jan Lechoń
    Jan Lechoń

    Leszek Józef Serafinowicz, the Polish poet, literary and theater critic, diplomat, and co-founder of the Skamander literary movement and the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America

  • Alexandru Odobescu
    Alexandru Odobescu
    Alexandru Odobescu

    Alexandru Ioan Odobescu, the Romanian author, archaeologist and politician

  • E. Herbert Norman
    E. Herbert Norman

    Egerton Herbert Norman (September 1, 1909 - April 4, 1957), the Canadian diplomat and historian

  • Manfred Freiherr von Killinger
    Manfred Freiherr von Killinger

    Manfred, Freiherr von Killinger (July 14, 1886-September 2, 1944), the German naval officer, Freikorps leader, military writer and Nazi politician

  • Luka Sorkočević
    Luka Sorkočević
    Luka Sorkočević

    Luka Sorkočević (also Luca Sorgo) (born January 13, 1734 in Dubrovnik - died September 11, 1789 in Dubrovnik), the Croatian composer

  • Pietro della Vigna
    Pietro della Vigna

    Pietro della Vigna, or Pier delle Vigne, the Italian jurist and diplomat, who acted as chancellor and secretary to the Emperor Frederick II. He, born at Capua in humble circumstances and studied law at Padua

  • Adolph Joffe
    Adolph Joffe

    Adolph Abramovich Joffe (Russian: Адольф Абрамович Иоффе, alternative transliterations Adolf Ioffe or, rarely, Yoffe) (October 10 1883, Simferopol - November 16 1927, Moscow), the Russian Communist revolutionary

  • Richard Egan
    Richard Egan

    Richard (Dick) J. Egan (born 1930), the co-founder of EMC Corporation

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