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You asked:

david warbeck and who starred in the last hunter

  • A star of the Last Hunter with David Warbeck are Tisa Farrow, John Steiner, Margit Evelyn Newton, Luciano Pigozzi and Massimo Vanni.
  • the Last Hunter
    the Last Hunter
    Tisa Farrow

    Tisa Farrow (born July 22, 1955), the American actress

  • John Steiner

    John Steiner (born 7 January, 1941 in Chester), the English actor

  • Margit Evelyn Newton

    Margit Evelyn Newton, the Italian actress who appeared in fourteen films between 1979 and 1990

  • Luciano Pigozzi

    Luciano Pigozzi, the actor, a star in Naked You Die and Yor, the Hunter from the Future

  • Massimo Vanni

    Massimo Vanni, the actor, a star in After Death