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chynna phillips and who starred in caddyshack ii

  • A star of Caddyshack II with Chynna Phillips are Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Randy Quaid, Dyan Cannon, Robert Stack, Dina Merrill, Jackie Mason, Jonathan Silverman, Jessica Lundy, Marsha Warfield, Brian McNamara, Paul Bartel and Jessica Lundy.
  • Chevy Chase
    Chevy Chase

    Chevy Chase (born October 8 1943), the Emmy Award-winning American comedian, writer, and television and film actor

  • Dan Aykroyd
    Dan Aykroyd

    Daniel Edward Aykroyd CM (born July 1, 1952), the Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Canadian/American comedian, actor, screenwriter, and musician

  • Robert Stack
    Robert Stack

    Robert Langford Modini Stack (January 13, 1919 - May 14, 2003), the American stage and movie actor

  • Dina Merrill
    Dina Merrill

    Dina Merrill (born December 9, 1925), the American actress and socialite

  • Jackie Mason
    Jackie Mason

    Jackie Mason (born Yacov Moshe Maza on June 9, 1931, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin), the American stand-up comedian

  • Paul Bartel
    Paul Bartel

    Paul Bartel (August 6, 1938 - May 13, 2000), the American actor, writer and director

  • Randall Rudy "Randy" Quaid (born October 1, 1950), the Academy Award-nominated American actor and comedian

  • Dyan Cannon (born Samille Diane Freisen on January 4 1937), the three-time Academy Award-nominated American film and television actress, director, screenwriter, editor, and producer

  • Jonathan E. Silverman (born August 5, 1966 in Los Angeles, California), the American actor, perhaps best known for his roles in the TV series Gimme A Break!

  • Jessica Lundy (born March 20, 1966), the American actress

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