Burt Ward

Burt Ward is an American television actor and activist.

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the 6th of July
1945 , July 1945 , July 6th 1945 , the United States , California ,  …
Cast Member of
Tarzan and the Super 7
Featured in
First Name
"Bert" , "Burt"
Full name
"Bert John Gervis Jr." , "Bert John Gervis, Jr."
1.72 metres (5.64 feet)
Last Name
"Gervis" , "Ward"
Legal name
"Bert John Gervis, Jr." , "Bert John Gervis Jr."
Main Occupation
"You know honestly, I enjoy working with everyone because remember, these were all real pros that had been around the business a long time." , "Why would they have gone to the trouble to hire the best comedy writers in the business to write funny material for us to play straight, if the children in our audience were the only audience." , "On our show, I must tell you, it was... the 60s was a period of time when everything was free love. People made love to each other. It was a very open life, you know?" , "No kids should see that kind of violence where Batman is killing as many people as the bad guys." , "Maybe it was all those wild times that kept me young." ,  …
Starred in
Batman , Batman , Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt , The New Adventures of Batman , Heavy Petting Detective ,  …

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