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You asked:

aviators who died of alzheimer's disease

  • The aviators that Alzheimer disease is a cause of death of are James Stewart, James Stockdale, Betty Hicks Newell and Betty Hicks.
  • James Stewart
    James Stewart
    James Stewart

    James Maitland Stewart (May 20, 1908 - July 2, 1997), popularly known as Jimmy Stewart especially in the United States, the iconic, Academy Award-winning American film and stage actor, best known for his self-effacing screen persona

  • James Stockdale

    Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale (December 23, 1923 - July 5, 2005), one of the most highly decorated officers in the history of the United States Navy

  • Betty Hicks Newell

    Elizabeth "Betty" Hicks Newell (born 16 November 1920) in Long Beach California, the American golfer and member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)

  • Betty Hicks

    Elizabeth M. "Betty" Hicks (born November 16, 1920), the American professional golfer, golf coach and teacher, aviatrix, and author