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You asked:

actors who died of bleeding

  • The actors that bleeding is a cause of death of are Molière, Anthony Minghella, Joe Viterelli, Jeff Chandler and Lon Chaney.
  • Lon Chaney
    Lon Chaney
    Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney, the Sr. (1883-1930), the actor

  • Molière

    Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, mostly known by his stage name Molière, (January 15, 1622 – February 17, 1673), the French playwright and actor

  • Anthony Minghella

    Anthony Minghella (born January 6, 1954), the Academy Award-winning British film director, playwright and screenwriter

  • Joe Viterelli

    Joe Viterelli, the American actor

  • Jeff Chandler

    Jeff Chandler, born Ira Grossel (December 15, 1918-June 17, 1961), the popular American film actor in the 1950s