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You asked:

actors involved in witchboard

  • The actors that are someone that was majorly involved in Witchboard are Tawny Kitaen, Rose Marie, Kathleen Wilhoite, Stephen Nichols, Burke Byrnes, Gloria Hayes, Clare Bristol and Kevin S. Tenney.
  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie
    Rose Marie

    Rose Marie (born August 15, 1923), the actress who had a career as a child star under the name Baby Rose Marie, but is best known for her adult role as Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show

  • Tawny Kitaen

    Julie "Tawny" Kitaen (born August 5 1961, in San Diego, California), the American actress, and media personality in Southern California

  • Kathleen Wilhoite

    Kathleen Wilhoite (born June 29, 1964), the American film and television actress

  • Stephen Nichols

    Stephen Nichols (born February 19, 1951), the American actor

  • Burke Byrnes

    Burke Byrnes, the actor, a star in The Land Before Time

  • Gloria Hayes

    Gloria Hayes, the actor, a star of Witchboard

  • Clare Bristol

    Clare Bristol, the actor, a star of Witchboard

  • Kevin S. Tenney

    Kevin S. Tenney (born 1955), the film director and screenwriter