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actors involved in psycho iv: the beginning

  • The actors that are someone that was majorly involved in Psycho IV: The Beginning are CCH Pounder, Anthony Perkins, Olivia Hussey, Henry Thomas, Joseph Stefano and Mick Garris.
  • CCH Pounder
    CCH Pounder

    Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder (born December 25, 1952), the three-time Emmy Award-nominated American film and television actress

  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins

    Anthony Perkins (April 4, 1932 - September 12, 1992), the Academy Award-nominated American stage and screen actor known for his role as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and its three sequels, Psycho II

  • Olivia Hussey
    Olivia Hussey

    Olivia Hussey (born Olivia Osuna on April 17, 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Anglo-Argentine actress perhaps best known for her Golden Globe-winning role as Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet

  • Henry Thomas
    Henry Thomas

    Henry Jackson Thomas, Jr. (born September 9, 1971), the American actor and musician

  • Joseph Stefano
    Joseph Stefano

    Joseph Stefano (5 May 1922 - 25 August 2006), the American screenwriter

  • Mick Garris
    Mick Garris

    Mick Garris (born December 4, 1951), the American filmmaker and screenwriter born in Santa Monica, California

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