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Who has starred in the same movies as Jackie Searl?

  • Marjorie Main
    Marjorie Main

    Marjorie Main, the American character actress, mainly at MGM, perhaps best known for her role as Ma Kettle in a series of ten Ma and Pa Kettle movies. and in the 1944 film musical Meet Me in St. Louis as Katie the Maid

  • Melvyn Douglas
    Melvyn Douglas

    Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg (April 5, 1901 - August 4, 1981), better known as Melvyn Douglas, the American actor who won all three of the entertainment industry's highest awards, two Oscars, one Tony and an Emmy

  • Mickey Rooney
    Mickey Rooney

    Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.; (September 23, 1920)), the American film actor and entertainer whose film, television, and stage appearances span nearly his entire lifetime

  • Lila Lee
    Lila Lee

    Lila Lee, the (1901-1973) American actress

  • Joan Marsh
    Joan Marsh
    Joan Marsh

    Joan Marsh (July 10, 1913- August 10, 2000), the American film actress

  • Jackie Cooper
    Jackie Cooper

    Jackie Cooper (born September 15, 1922), the American actor, TV director, TV producer and executive

  • James Gleason
    James Gleason

    James Gleason (May 23, 1882 - April 12, 1959), the American actor born in New York City

  • James Murray
    James Murray

    James Murray (February 9, 1901 – July 11, 1936), the American movie actor

  • Mike Donlin
    Mike Donlin

    Michael Joseph Donlin, the American outfielder in Major League Baseball who played for the St. Louis Perfectos/Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, New York Giants, Boston Rustlers, and Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Mitzi Green
    Mitzi Green

    Mitzi Green, born Elizabeth Keno, (October 22, 1920 – May 24, 1969), the American child actress for Paramount and RKO, in the early talkie era

  • Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis

    Robert Ellis (27 June, 1892 - 29 December, 1974), the American film actor, screenwriter and film director

  • Seena Owen
    Seena Owen

    Seena Owen (November 14, 1894 - August 15, 1966), the Danish-American silent film actress

  • Tully Marshall
    Tully Marshall
    Tully Marshall

    William Phillips (April 10, 1864 - March 10, 1943), the American character actor known as Tully Marshall, with nearly a quarter century of theatrical experience behind before he made his first film appearance in 1914

  • Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong

    Robert Armstrong (November 20, 1890 – April 20, 1973), the American film actor best remembered for his role as Carl Denham in the 1933 version of King Kong by RKO Pictures

  • Regis Toomey
    Regis Toomey

    Regis Toomey (August 13, 1898 - October 12, 1991), the American film and television actor

  • Monte Blue
    Monte Blue
    Monte Blue

    Monte Blue (real name: Gerard Montgomery Blue (b. Indianapolis, Indiana: January 11 1887, d. Milwaukee, Wisconsin:February 18 1963), the movie actor who most of his career played the romantic leading man in the silent film era

  • Nancy Carroll
    Nancy Carroll

    Nancy Carroll (November 19, 1903 - August 6, 1965), the American actress

  • Iris Adrian
    Iris Adrian

    Iris Adrian (May 29, 1912 — September 17, 1994), the American film actress

  • Jane Russell
    Jane Russell

    Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell (June 21, 1921 – February 28, 2011), the American film actress and one of Hollywood's leading sex symbols in the 1940s and 1950s

  • Irene Rich
    Irene Rich
    Irene Rich

    Irene Rich (died 1988), the American actress

  • Edna May Oliver
    Edna May Oliver

    Edna May Oliver (November 9, 1883 – November 9, 1942), the Oscar-nominated American film actress

  • Enid Bennett
    Enid Bennett
    Enid Bennett

    Enid Bennett (born 15 July 1893, York, Western Australia - died 14 May 1969, Malibu, California), the Australian silent film actress

  • Donald Haines
    Donald Haines

    Donald Haines (b. 1918 - d. 1941), the American child actor who was a recurring in the Our Gang short subjects series from 1929 to 1933

  • Deanna Durbin
    Deanna Durbin

    Deanna Durbin (born December 4, 1921), the Canadian singer and actress from Hollywood films of the 1930s and 1940s

  • Billy Halop
    Billy Halop

    William "Billy" Halop (February 11, 1920 – November 9, 1976), the American actor born in New York City

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope

    Bob Hope (May 29 1903 - July 27 2003), the English-born American entertainer who appeared in vaudeville, on Broadway, on radio and television, in movies, and in performing tours for U.S. Military personnel

  • Bruce Cabot
    Bruce Cabot

    Bruce Cabot (April 20, 1904 – May 3, 1972), the American film and televison actor

  • Gertrude Michael
    Gertrude Michael
    Gertrude Michael

    Gertrude Michael (June 1, 1911, Talladega, Alabama – December 31, 1964, Beverly Hills, California), the American film, stage and television actress

  • Edgar Kennedy
    Edgar Kennedy

    Edgar Livingston Kennedy (b. April 26, 1890 in Monterey County, California; d. November 9, 1948), the American comedic film actor, known as "the king of the slow burn"

  • Helen Jerome Eddy
    Helen Jerome Eddy
    Helen Jerome Eddy

    Helen Jerome Eddy (February 25, 1897 - January 27, 1990), the motion picture actress from New York, New York

  • Huntz Hall
    Huntz Hall

    Huntz Hall (1919-1999), the American actor

  • Helen Parrish (March 23, 1924 in Columbus, Georgia – Hollywood, California), the movie actress

  • Robert Coogan

    Robert Coogan, the actor, starred in Skippy

  • Charles Coleman

    Charles Coleman (1885–1951), the Australian actor

  • Willard Robertson

    Willard Robertson, the actor and movie story contributor, a writer on and the author of Moontide and starred in Each Dawn I Die and Sullivan's Travels

  • Robert Wilcox

    Robert Wilcox (May 19, 1910, Rochester, New York - June 11, 1955, New York City), the U.S. movie actor of the 1930s and 40s

  • Jack Clifford

    Jack Clifford, the actor, a star of Gold and Skippy

  • Stanley Andrews

    Stanley Andrews, born Stanley (or Stanislaw) Andrzejewski (August 28,1891 - June 23,1969), the American actor best known as the voice of Daddy Warbucks on the radio program Little Orphan Annie and later as "The Old Ranger"

  • Charles Delaney

    Charles Delaney (9 August, 1892 - 31 August, 1959), the American actor

  • Wesley Giraud

    Wesley Giraud, the actor, a star of High Gear

  • Peggy Stewart

    Peggy Stewart, real name Margaret O'Rourke, (5 June 1923 - ), the American film actress who starred mostly in B-movies during the 1930s and 1940s

  • Gordon DeMain

    Gordon DeMain, the actor, a star of High Gear

  • The Little Tough Guys (later billed as 'The Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys'), the group of actors who made a series of films and serials released by Universal Studios from 1938 through 1943

  • Joe Yule

    Ninnian Joseph Ewell (born 30 April 1892, Glasgow, Scotland - died 30 March 1950, Hollywood, California), the vaudeville comedian who starred in many films as a character actor

  • Jimmy Butler (Akron, Ohio, 20 February 1921 - France, 18 February 1945), the American, juvenile, motion-pictures actor, active in the 1930s and early 1940s

  • Jeff York (born March 23, 1912 - died October 11, 1995 ), the American film and television actor who began his career in the late 1930s using the stage name Granville Owen

  • Charles Trowbridge

    Charles Trowbridge (10 January, 1882 - 30 October, 1967), the American film actor

  • Clem Bevans

    Clem Bevans (October 16, 1879, Cozzadale, Ohio - August 11, 1963, Woodland Hills, California), the character actor best remembered for playing old coots

  • Ann Brody

    Ann Brody (29 August, 1884 - 16 July, 1944), the American film actress of the silent era

  • Lee Moran

    Lee Moran (June 23, 1888 - April 24, 1961), the American actor, director and writer

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