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who died on january the 16th 2001

  • Laurent-Désiré Kabila
    Laurent-Désiré Kabila

    Laurent-Désiré Kabila (November 27, 1939 – January 18, 2001), President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from May 1997, when he overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko until his assassination in January 2001

  • Leonard Woodcock
    Leonard Woodcock

    Leonard Woodcock (1911-2001), the UAW president, the diplomat, the Nixon "enemy"

  • Virginia O'Brien
    Virginia O'Brien

    Virginia O'Brien (born April 8, 1919 in Los Angeles, died January 16, 2001), the American singer and actress best known for playing supporting roles in MGM musicals in the 1940s, and for her unusual singing style

  • Auberon Alexander Waugh (November 17, 1939 - January 16, 2001), the British author and journalist

  • Gordon Burton Grant

    Gordon Burton Grant (September 13, 1910 - January 16, 2001), the real estate and insurance agent and political figure in Saskatchewan

  • tk10npubl tk10ncanl

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