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who created a website

  • Tom Delonge, Christopher Poole, Simon Fuller, Stephen Wolfram, Robert Scoble, Paul Buchheit, Automattic, Bret Taylor, Col Needham, Jim Norris, Sanjeev Singh, Ewan MacLeod, Ewan MacLeod and Ewan MacLeod.
  • Tom Delonge
    Tom Delonge

    Tom DeLonge (born 1975), a member of the group Angels & Airwaves

  • Christopher Poole
    Christopher Poole
    Christopher Poole

    Christopher Poole (born 1988), the American internet entrepreneur from New York City, noted for founding the websites 4chan and Canvas

  • Stephen Wolfram
    Stephen Wolfram

    Stephen Wolfram (born August 29, 1959 in London), the theorist known for his work in theoretical particle physics, cellular automata, complexity theory, and computer algebra, and is the creator of the computer program Mathematica

  • Robert Scoble
    Robert Scoble

    Robert Scoble (born January 18 1965), the American blogger, technical evangelist, and author

  • Bret Taylor
    Bret Taylor
    Bret Taylor

    Bret Taylor, the company founder, a founder of FriendFeed

  • Col Needham
    Col Needham

    Colin 'Col' Needham (born 26 January 1967 in Manchester, England), the founder of, and currently is the managing director of, the Internet Movie Database

  • Simon Fuller (born May 17 1960 in Hastings, England), one of the the most powerful men in entertainment in the world

  • Paul Buchheit, the American computer programmer and entrepreneur

  • Automattic, Inc., the small web development corporation founded in August 2005

  • Jim Norris

    Jim Norris, the company founder, a founder of FriendFeed

  • tk10publ tk10canl

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