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What are the different types of churches?

  • megachurch

    megachurch, a church having around 2,000 or more attendants for a typical weekly service

  • meeting house
    meeting house

    meeting house, describing a building where a public meeting takes place

  • Friends meeting house
    Friends meeting house
    Friends meeting house

    Friends meeting house, a meeting house of the Religious Society of Friends, where meeting for worship may be held

  • parish church
    parish church

    parish church, in Christianity, a church which acts as the religious centre of a parish, a basic administrative unit of episcopal churches

  • parish close
    parish close
    parish close

    parish close, a translation of the French term enclos paroissial

  • Stranger churches
    Stranger churches

    Stranger church, a term used by English-speaking people for independent Protestant churches established in foreign lands or by foreigners in England during the Reformation

  • stave church
    stave church

    stave church, a medieval wooden church with a post and beam construction related to timber framing

  • Royal Peculiar
    Royal Peculiar
    Royal Peculiar

    Royal Peculiar, a place of worship that falls directly under the jurisdiction of the British monarch, rather than under a bishop

  • collegiate church
    collegiate church
    collegiate church

    collegiate church, a church where the daily office of worship is maintained by a college of canons; a non-monastic, or "secular" community of clergy, organised as a self-governing corporate body

  • Eastern Orthodox church architecture
    Eastern Orthodox church architecture

    Orthodox church as a church building of Eastern Orthodoxy has a distinct, recognizable style among church architectures

  • Basilica minor
    Basilica minor
    Basilica minor

    Minor basilica, a papal title given to some Roman Catholic churches

  • cathedral

    cathedral (a large and important christian church, often the principal church of a diocese)

  • Chapel

    chapel, a building used by Christians, members of other religions, and sometimes interfaith communities, as a place of fellowship and worship. church, college, hospital, palace, prison or funeral home

  • Basilica

    Latin word basilica, originally used to describe a Roman public building, usually located in the forum of a Roman town

  • Church of England parish church
    Church of England parish church
    Church of England parish church

    parish church in the Church of England, a church which acts as the religious centre for the people within the smallest and most basic Church of England administrative region, known as a parish

  • pro-cathedral

    pro-cathedral, a parish church that is temporarily serving as the cathedral or co-cathedral of a diocese

  • Anglican Church (a church in a single location that is part of the national church of England)

  • Salvation Army corps

    Salvation Army corps, a church and place of worship in The Salvation Army

  • cathedral, a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop

  • multi-site church

    multi-site church, one church that meets at multiple locations

  • Cerkiew and kościół

    Cerkiew and kościół, the church, in Poland

  • aisleless church

    aisleless church, a single-nave church building that, consisting of a single hall-like room

  • cell church

    cell church, a Christian church structure centering on the regular gathering of cell groups

  • term mother church or Mother Church may have one of the following meanings: # The first mission church in an area

  • co-cathedral

    co-cathedral, a cathedral church which shares the function of being a bishop's seat, or cathedra, with another cathedral

  • room for prayer, from the Latin orare, to pray

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