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snake found in Afghanistan

  • Naja oxiana
    Naja oxiana

    Naja oxiana or the Central Asian Cobra, a species of venomous snake found in Central Asia

  • Psammophis schokari
    Psammophis schokari

    Schokari Sand Racer, a species of snake found in parts of Asia and Africa

  • Hemorrhois ravergieri
    Hemorrhois ravergieri

    Hemorrhois ravergieri, commonly called the spotted whip snake, a species of snake found in Western Asia, Central Asia and South-Central Asia

  • Eristicophis

    Eristicophis, a monotypic genus created for a venomous viper species, E. macmahonii

  • Oligodon taeniolatus
    Oligodon taeniolatus

    Streaked Kukuri Snake Oligodon taeniolatus, a species of snake found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, S Turkmenistan, E Iran, Afghanistan

  • northern wolf snake Lycodon striatus, a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake

  • Boiga trigonata

    Indian gamma Snake or common cat snake, a species of rear-fanged colubrid found in South Asia

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