scotch kale

scotch kale, the food

class, substance, foodstuff, food

food, foodstuff, substance
Parent Class
kale, foodstuff
cooked scotch kale, raw scotch kale
USDA Food Group code
Amount Of The Substance In 100g
291.25 milligrams of salt; 0.305 milligrams of zinc; 89.1 grams of water; 0 micrograms of Vitamin D (D2 + D3); 0 micrograms of Vitamin B12;  …
Total Amount In The Food Part Of 100g
20.5 micrograms of Folic acid
146.75 kilojoules per 100g, 35 calories per 100g
Added Amount Of The Substance In 100g
0 micrograms of Vitamin B12
low in 16:1 undifferentiated

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