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quotes from Pratt Institute alumni

  • "'Pork was in 1971, and I stopped hanging out at The Factory by like 1973.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'Political movements always belong to the young.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'Radio, newspapers, they were normal parts of my life. In those days, you had to go somewhere to watch television and leave something to see it.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'Sell the public flowers... things that they can hang on their walls without being uptight.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'So, did I work with Warhol? I worked with him less on that play then I did on other things. He actually did a portrait of my rabbit and some other stuff. Warhol was definitely... Warhol.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'Perfectionists are their own devils.' - Jack Kirby"
  • "'My theory about creativity is that the more money one has, the more creative one can be.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'Life at best is bittersweet.' - Jack Kirby"
  • "'In our dreams we are always young.' - Sarah Louise Delany"
  • "'Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.' - Sarah Louise Delany"
  • "'My lifestyle is bizarre, but the only thing you need to know is where the darkroom is.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'My play Safe Sex was picked apart because critics thought it was untrue. It was a play in which no one had AIDS, but the characters talked about how it was going to change their lives.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'Sundance was started as a mechanism for the discovery of new voices and new talent.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'When I accepted the commission, I had something of an epiphany in the research I did about the agency, actually the science of espionage. I realized there is a connection between the sciences and the invisible forces of man.' - James Sanborn"
  • "'What affected me most profoundly was the realization that the sciences of cryptography and mathematics are very elegant, pure sciences. I found that the ends for which these pure sciences are used are less elegant.' - James Sanborn"
  • "'When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'Whenever you make love to someone, there should be three people involved - you, the other person, and the devil.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'With photography, you zero in; you put a lot of energy into short moments, and then you go on to the next thing.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'What I would do is when I was younger I would draw in a sketch book something that happened in my life and then write a little something on the side about what happened or what the story.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'Well, I always looked at Mulan as a movie about a lesbian coming out.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'The world is full of more interesting things than my voice.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'The photographs that are art have to be separated from the rest - then preserved.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'To make pictures big is to make them more powerful.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'To work all the time is to be incredibly lucky.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'We program the festival, after 20 years, exactly the way we did on the first day.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'In Torch Song, I did that character almost non-stop from 1978 until I made the movie in 1987. Then I had some failure, which also colors how you react to doing other things.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'If you deny yourself commitment, what can you do with your life?' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'Filmgoers are starved for new ideas, voices and visions.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'I am a cynical optimist. Big opening weekends are like cotton candy. The films you will remember over time are the films that stick in the consciousness of the audience in a good way.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'I am an engineer, but what I find important and necessary is that you just learn things as you go along.' - Terrence Howard"
  • "'I became the toast of London. A lot of people I met came from these really decadent families where the married men were gay and no one thought anything about it.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'Every one of us is an artist, and as an artist, you really can stroll into any venue that you want, as long as you take your time to learn the etiquette of that venue.' - Terrence Howard"
  • "'Every artist has to grow, and has to challenge themselves with a new form of expression.' - Terrence Howard"
  • "'And I believe that you never be limited in what you do, so I like to do movies, I like to do television.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'Also, if you want to reach people, theatre is not always the best way to do it.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'And right now I may just be living inside the heart of the body, and I one day hope to move to the brain.' - Terrence Howard"
  • "'And when I stopped doing that and started thinking about what feels natural and what feels right to me and started pleasing myself, then it became good.' - Terrence Howard"
  • "'Beauty and the devil are the same thing.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'I burned out on AIDS and did no AIDS work for a couple of years. I was so angry that people were still getting this disease that nobody can give you - you have to go out and get it!' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'I did not, like my children and people today, grow up with television as part of my life.' - Robert Redford"
  • "'I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?' - Robert Redford"
  • "'I played around with the flowers and the lighting, so that was a good way to educate myself.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'I was handed a chocolate bar and an M-1 rifle and told to go kill Hitler.' - Jack Kirby"
  • "'I wish I could be elegant.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'If I am at a party, I want to be at the party. Too many photographers use the camera to avoid participating in things. They become professional observers.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'I never let prejudice stop me from what I wanted to do in this life.' - Sarah Louise Delany"
  • "'I just wanted to be a scientist.' - Terrence Howard"
  • "'I have this certain vision of the way I want my comics to look; this sort of photographic realism, but with a certain abstraction that comics can give. It's kind of a fine line.' - Daniel Clowes"
  • "'I got the regular call, that they were doing a Broadway musical of Hairspray, and would I come and audition. I was familiar with the movie, because at the time it came out my lover wrote for Premiere magazine, and we had to see everything.' - Harvey Fierstein"
  • "'I just hope I can live long enough to see the fame.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'I just try to live my life and do my thing.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'I just want to be written about as a normal artist.' - Robert Mapplethorpe"
  • "'Actually, I think the average voice is like 70 percent tone and 30 percent noise. My voice is 95 percent noise.' - Harvey Fierstein"

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