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place of death Marco Polo

  • Southern Europe
    Southern Europe

    The term southern Europe, at different times, has had different meanings, providing additional political, linguistic and cultural context to the definition in addition to the typical geographical, phytogeographic or climatic approach

  • Republic of Venice
    Republic of Venice

    The Republic of Venice ( or '), the state originating from the city of Venice in Northeastern Italy

  • Veneto

    Veneto, one of the twenty regions of Italy

  • Italy

    Italy, officially the Italian Republic, the country located on the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe and on the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia

  • the Northern Hemisphere
    the Northern Hemisphere

    the Northern Hemisphere, the half of the world's surface lying north of the equator

  • the Eurozone
    the Eurozone

    the Eurozone, the area of Europe that uses the Euro as their local currency

  • Venice

    Venice, the city in Veneto, Italy

  • the world
    the world

    the world (the geographical area corresponding to the entire surface area of planet earth)

  • US postal Group 5, theUS overseas postal group containing Andorra

  • Europe (the traditional continent starting at the Atlantic and ending at the Ural mountains in Russia)

  • Eurasia (the super-continent consisting of both the traditional continents of Europe and Asia)

  • the UK European postal area

    the UK European postal area, the area that costs more to post to than the UK, but less than the rest of the world

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  • the European Union, an economic union of member states, located primarily in Europe, established by the 1993 Maastricht Treaty on the basis of the pre-existing European Economic Community

  • the Central European Time region

    the Central European Time region, the region of Europe that uses CET as their local time

  • the G8 (the group of eight industrialised nations)

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  • Africa-Eurasia (the supercontinent consisting of Africa, Europe and Asia)

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  • Adriatic Euroregion

    Adriatic Euroregion, the geographical area, in Italy and Croatia

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