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people who live in Paris

  • Liliane Montevecchi
    Liliane Montevecchi

    Liliane Montevecchi (born October 13, 1932; Paris, France), the French actress, dancer, and singer

  • Raymonde Folco
    Raymonde Folco

    Raymonde Folco (née Goldgrav) (born March 16, 1940), the Canadian politician

  • Rachida Brakni
    Rachida Brakni

    Rachida Brakni (رشيدة بركني; born 15 February 1977, Paris), the French actress of Algerian origin

  • Marion Cotillard
    Marion Cotillard

    Marion Cotillard (born 30 September 1975), the French actress, perhaps best known for portraying Édith Piaf in 2007's La Môme (also known as La Vie En Rose)

  • Selim Ben Achour
    Selim Ben Achour

    Selim Benachour (born October 8, 1981 in Paris), the French-born Tunisian footballer, who plays as a midfielder

  • Abou Diaby
    Abou Diaby

    Vassiriki Abou Diaby (born May 11, 1986 in Paris), the French football midfielder for Arsenal

  • Jeanne Moreau
    Jeanne Moreau

    Jeanne Moreau (born 23 January 1928), the French actress, singer, screenwriter and director

  • Julie Dreyfus
    Julie Dreyfus

    Julie Dreyfus (born 24 January 1966), the French actress, model and celebrity

  • Juliette Binoche
    Juliette Binoche

    Juliette Binoche (French IPA:; born March 9, 1964), the Academy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated French film actress

  • Mathieu Kassovitz
    Mathieu Kassovitz

    Mathieu Kassovitz (born 3 April 1967 in Paris), the French director, screenwriter, occasional actor and is considered one of contemporary France's top emerging film talents, best known for his searing Cannes-winning drama La Haine

  • Mathilda May
    Mathilda May

    Mathilda May, the French actress, born on February 8, 1965, in Paris, France

  • Olivier Martinez
    Olivier Martinez
    Olivier Martinez

    Olivier Martinez (born January 12, 1966 in Paris, France), the Spanish-French film actor

  • Patrick Cousot
    Patrick Cousot
    Patrick Cousot

    Patrick Cousot (born 3 December 1948), the French computer scientist

  • Philippe Petit
    Philippe Petit

    Philippe Petit (born August 13, 1949), the French high wire artist who gained fame for his illegal walk between the former Twin Towers in New York City on August 7 1974

  • Olivier Gruner
    Olivier Gruner

    Olivier Gruner (born 2 August 1960 in Paris, France), the former Commando Marine and World Kickboxing Champion

  • Olivia Sanchez
    Olivia Sanchez

    Olivia Sanchez (born November 17, 1982 in Paris), the professional tennis player from France

  • Mavis Gallant
    Mavis Gallant

    Mavis Leslie Gallant, née Mavis Leslie Young (born 11 August 1922), the Canadian writer

  • Micheline Presle
    Micheline Presle

    Micheline Presle (born August 22, 1922) in Paris, France, the actress also known in English language films as Micheline Prelle

  • Mylène Farmer
    Mylène Farmer

    Mylène Farmer (French IPA: ) (September 12, 1961), born Mylène Jeanne Gautier, the Canadian-born French singer and songwriter

  • Jean-Pierre Barda
    Jean-Pierre Barda

    Jean-Pierre Barda (born March 7, 1967, Paris), the Swedish singer, actor, make up artist and hair dresser of Iranian descent

  • Jean-Pierre Serre
    Jean-Pierre Serre

    Jean-Pierre Serre (born 1926), the mathematician

  • Brigitte Auber
    Brigitte Auber

    Brigitte Auber, (b. 1928), the French actress who has worked extensively on film and TV

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg
    Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Charlotte Gainsbourg (born on 21st July 1971), the Anglo-French actress and singer

  • Claude Chabrol
    Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol (in French) (born June 24, 1930, Paris), the French film director and has become well-known since his first film, Le Beau Serge (1958) for his chilling tales of murder, including Le Boucher (1970)

  • Auguste Ambroise Tardieu
    Auguste Ambroise Tardieu

    The son of French artist and mapmaker Ambroise Tardieu, Auguste Ambroise Tardieu (1818-1879) became the pre-eminent forensic medical scientist of the mid-19th century

  • Annie Girardot
    Annie Girardot

    Annie Girardot (born October 25, 1931 in Paris), the French actress

  • Yeardley Smith
    Yeardley Smith

    Yeardley Smith (born July 3, 1964), the Emmy Award-winning American actress and voice actor who is known for providing the voice of Lisa Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons

  • Albert Fert
    Albert Fert

    Albert Fert (born March 7 1938), the French physicist and one of the discoverers of giant magnetoresistance which brought about a breakthrough in gigabyte hard disks

  • Anne Parillaud
    Anne Parillaud

    Anne Parillaud-Jarre (born 1960), the performer

  • Claudine Auger
    Claudine Auger

    –– Claudine Auger, the French actress

  • Corinne Clery
    Corinne Clery

    Corinne Cléry, byname of Corinne Piccolo (born 23 March 1950), the French actress

  • Georges Corraface
    Georges Corraface

    Georges Corraface (b. December 7, 1952 in Paris, France), the European actor who has had an international career in film and television, following many years in French theatre, notably as a member of the famed Peter Brook Company

  • Jacques Audiard
    Jacques Audiard
    Jacques Audiard

    Jacques Audiard (born April 30, 1952 in Paris), the French film director, the son of Michel Audiard also a revered film director

  • Jean-Luc Godard
    Jean-Luc Godard

    Jean-Luc Godard (born 3 December 1930), the French-Swiss film director, screenwriter and film critic

  • Florence Delay
    Florence Delay

    Florence Delay (born March 19, 1941 in Paris), the French academician and actress

  • Eva Green
    Eva Green

    Eva Gaëlle GreenThe daughter of actress Marlene Jobert, Green performed in theatre before making her film debut in The Dreamers (2003), which generated controversy over her numerous nude scenes

  • Emma Watson
    Emma Watson

    Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990), the French-born English actress and model who rose to prominence playing Hermione Granger, one of three starring roles in the Harry Potter film series

  • Therry Norbert Racon (born May 1 1984 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France), the French footballer, currently playing for League One side Brighton & Hove Albion, although the player is on loan from Championship team Charlton Athletic

  • Thierry Jonquet

    Thierry Jonquet, the French writer who specialised in crime novels with political themes. he, born in Paris; his most recent and best known novel outside of France was Mygale, which was published in English translation as Tarantula in 2005

  • Tijani Belaid (تيجاني بلعيد) (born 6 September 1987), the footballer who plays for Hull City as a midfielder

  • Philippe de Montebello (born May 16, 1936 in Paris) served from 1977 to 2008 as the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

  • Pierre-Marie Gallois (29 June 1911), the French air force brigade general and geopolitician

  • Thierry Bonalair

    Thierry Bonalair (born June 14, 1966 in Paris), the French former footballer

  • Keaten Menstarn

    Keaten Menstarn (born July 7, 1970), the French-Bulgarian London-based DJ and recording singer of Kontor Records

  • Eric Fombonne, MD, FRCP, (b. 1954, Paris, France), the professor of psychiatry and an epidemiologist

  • Danielle Moore

    Danielle Moore (born June 24, 1946), the former schoolteacher and current Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives

  • Alex Gryson
  • Alain Calmat (born August 31st, 1940), the French former figure skater, surgeon and politician

  • Julie Marion Depardieu (born 1973), the French actress who has appeared in a number of successful movies

  • Laurent Fabius (born 20 August 1946), the former Prime Minister of France

  • Maurice Risch

    Maurice Risch, the French film and theater actor, born on January 25, 1943 in Paris

  • Marie-Christine Barrault (born March 21, 1944 in Paris, France), the Oscar-nominated French actress

  • Lisa Appignanesi (born Elsbieta Borenztejn on January 4, 1946 in Łódź, Poland), the writer and novelist

  • Patrick Gaubert

    Patrick Gaubert (born 6 July 1948 in Paris), the French politician and a Member of the European Parliament for the Île-de-France through 2009

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