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musicians born in April 1978

  • Jakob Bro
    Jakob Bro
    Jakob Bro

    Jakob Bro (born April 11, 1978), the Danish jazz guitarist

  • Jason Stollsteimer
    Jason Stollsteimer

    Jason Stollsteimer, a member of the group The Von Bondies

  • Amund Svensson
    Amund Svensson

    Amund Svensson, also known as Pzy-clone and Psy Coma (b. April 21, 1978), the Norwegian guitar player

  • Imani Coppola
    Imani Coppola

    Imani Coppola (born 1978), a member of the group Little Jackie

  • Rachel Stevens
    Rachel Stevens

    Rachel Lauren Stevens (born April 9, 1978), the English singer and actress and an occasional model who lives in Hampstead, London

  • Giorgi Latsabidze
    Giorgi Latsabidze
    Giorgi Latsabidze

    Giorgi Latsabidze,; (born 15 April 1978), the international prize-winning Georgian concert pianist and composer

  • Guy Berryman
    Guy Berryman

    Guy Berryman, the musician born in 1978

  • Penny Tai
    Penny Tai

    Penny Tai (born April 22, 1978 om Johor, Malaysia), the Malaysian Chinese singer and songwriter in the Mandarin pop scene

  • Josh Holmes
    Josh Holmes
    Josh Holmes

    Josh Holmes started touring and recording original music in 1998 releasing four CDs under his group name, The Josh Holmes Band, leading to thousands of CD sales

  • Luis Fonsi
    Luis Fonsi

    Luis Fonsi (birth name: Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero) born April 15, 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican-American singer, composer and soap opera actor

  • Martin Mendez
    Martin Mendez

    Martin Mendez (born April 6, 1978 in Uruguay), bass guitar player of progressive death metal band Opeth and second most constant member of the band, behind lead vocalist/songwriter and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt

  • Mix Master Mike
    Mix Master Mike

    Mix Master Mike, the musician born in 1970

  • Lemar

    Lemar Obika (born 4 April 1978), professionally known simply as Lemar, the English soul and R&B singer

  • Jukka Nevalainen
    Jukka Nevalainen

    Jukka Nevalainen (born 1978), a member of the group Nightwish

  • Myleene Klass
    Myleene Klass

    Myleene Angela Klass (born 6 April 1978), the English singer, model, occasional actress, pianist, fashion designer, presenter and media personality

  • Rasmus Fleischer
    Rasmus Fleischer
    Rasmus Fleischer

    Rasmus Fleischer (born 19 April 1978 in Halmstad), the Swedish freelance journalist and debater, writing for among others Arbetaren

  • Sam Moran
    Sam Moran

    Sam Moran (born April 4, 1978), the Australian entertainer best known for being a member of the children's band The Wiggles

  • Tom Thacker
    Tom Thacker
    Tom Thacker

    Thomas Arnold "Tom" Thacker (born April 11, 1973 in Langley, BC, Canada), the lead guitarist and singer for Canadian punk rock group Gob, as well as a producer

  • Brett Detar
    Brett Detar

    Brett Detar, a member of the group Belasana

  • Valérie Sajdik
    Valérie Sajdik
    Valérie Sajdik

    Valerie, full name Valérie Sajdik, former lead singer of Saint Privat

  • Avant

    Avant (born Myron Avant on April 26,1978 in Cleveland, Ohio), the multi-platinum American R&B singer

  • Andre Deyo
    Andre Deyo
    Andre Deyo

    Andre' Nathaniel Deyo, better known by his stage name mrDEYO, the American R&B singer and hit songwriter best known for his songwriting abilities and arrangements on "Jenny From The Block" for Jennifer Lopez

  • Aska Yang
    Aska Yang

    Aska Yang, born on April 4, 1978, the popular Taiwanese singer and a member of the Million Star Gang (星光幫)

  • Tom Lowe
    Tom Lowe

    Thomas Peter "Tom" Lowe (born 23 April 1978, Stockport, England), the English-born singer and actor

  • Christopher Willits
    Christopher Willits
    Christopher Willits

    Christopher Willits, a member of the group North Valley Subconscious Orchestra

  • Duncan James
    Duncan James

    Duncan Matthew James Inglis (born 7 April 1978), the English singer, actor and television presenter

  • Saša Matić
    Saša Matić

    Saša Matić (Саша Матић) (born April 26, 1978 in Drvar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, then Yugoslavia), the very popular Bosnian singer

  • DJ Drama
    DJ Drama

    DJ Drama (born Tyree Cinque Simmons on April 22 1978 in Philadelphia), the official DJ for Grand Hustle/Atlantic recording artist T.I., but he is most well-known for his achievements in the mixtape game

  • Dayna Manning
    Dayna Manning

    Dayna Manning, the Canadian folk and pop singer-songwriter

  • Tara Lyn Hart

    Tara Lyn Hart, born April 11, 1978 in Roblin, Manitoba, Canada, the Canadian country music singer/songwriter

  • Vesna Pisarović

    Vesna Pisarović (born 1978), the performer

  • Sierra Swan

    Sierra Marie Swan (born April 5, 1978), the American musician

  • Markus Eurén

    Markus Eurén (born April 19, 1978), the keyboard musician

  • Jo Appleby (born 7 April 1978 in Blackpool), the English soprano, and former member of operatic pop group Amici Forever

  • Daigo Naitō, formerly known as Daigo☆Stardust, the Japanese singer-songwriter for the band Breakerz

  • Dan “DFS” Johnson

    Dan Johnson, the Hip hop/Pop/R&B Producer, Songwriter, Musician and Engineer

  • Christian Tobin (born 1978), the Canadian male singer

  • Branden Steineckert (born 1978), a member of the group Rancid

  • Armen Nalbandian

    Armen Nalbandian (b.1978 in Manchester, England), the jazz pianist, composer & humanitarian

  • Billy delGiudice

    Billy delGiudice (born April 20, 1978), the Brooklyn, NY based musician

  • Eric Thomas Knechtges, DM (born April 16, 1978 in Lansing, MI), the American composer

  • Eugenia Vlasova (uk.: Евгения Власова) (b. 8 April 1978 in Kiev, Ukraine) - Ukrainian singer

  • Lorentz Aspen

    Lorentz Aspen (born April 23, 1978 in Stavanger), the Norwegian heavy metal pianist and keyboardist

  • Luke Bedford

    Luke Bedford (born 25 April, 1978 in Wokingham, Berkshire), the British composer

  • Kerry Andrew

    Kerry Andrew (born 5 April 1978 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire), the English composer, performer, writer and educator

  • Johnny Crash

    Johnny Crash (born April 26, 1978 in São Carlos, Brazil), the guitarist and songwriter

  • Francesco Fareri

    Francesco Fareri (born 1978), the performer

  • Hannah

    Hannah, the Australian pop singer, song writer and musician whose mother helped buy her into the top 40

  • Maiysha, the performer

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