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joseph merrick birthplace

  • Northern Europe
    Northern Europe

    Northern Europe, the northern part or region of Europe

  • Leicester

    Leicester, the city in Leicestershire, England

  • Great Britain
    Great Britain

    Great Britain (The largest island of the British Isles. It includes the countries of England, Scotland and Wales. Together with Northern Ireland it makes up the United Kingdom.)

  • England

    England, the region of the United Kingdom

  • the British Isles
    the British Isles

    the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland and adjacent islands in the north Atlantic)

  • the Northern Hemisphere
    the Northern Hemisphere

    the Northern Hemisphere, the half of the world's surface lying north of the equator

  • Western Europe
    Western Europe

    Western Europe, the region comprising the westerly countries of Europe

  • the world
    the world

    the world (the geographical area corresponding to the entire surface area of planet earth)

  • the United Kingdom
    the United Kingdom

    the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • the East Midlands
    the East Midlands

    the region of the East Midlands in England

  • England and Wales
    England and Wales
    England and Wales

    England and Wales, the area consisting of the countries England and Wales

  • the G8 (the group of eight industrialised nations)

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  • the European Union, an economic union of member states, located primarily in Europe, established by the 1993 Maastricht Treaty on the basis of the pre-existing European Economic Community

  • the British time region

    the British time region, the area that uses BST and GMT as their local time

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  • the true knowledge good local retailer coverage area

    the true knowledge good local retailer coverage area (the area where True Knowledge has good coverage of local retailers)

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  • US postal Group 5, theUS overseas postal group containing Andorra

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  • UK postcode area LE

    UK postcode area LE, the area of the UK served by postcodes starting with 'LE'

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  • the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands

    the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, the places which use +44 as their telephone country code

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  • Leicestershire

    the UK police area of Leicestershire

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  • Africa-Eurasia (the supercontinent consisting of Africa, Europe and Asia)

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  • Leicester

    Leicester (the UK unitary authority)

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  • Europe (the traditional continent starting at the Atlantic and ending at the Ural mountains in Russia)

  • Eurasia (the super-continent consisting of both the traditional continents of Europe and Asia)

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