theologian (someone who is learned in theology or who speculates about theology)

class, occupation, subject area

occupation, subject area
Martin Luther King, Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, C. S. Lewis, Blaise Pascal,  …
Parent Class
person, animal, mammal, vertebrate, object,  …
Occupation of
Thomas Aquinas; Augustine of Hippo; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Peter Abelard; Francisco de Vitoria;  …
Albert Schweitzer, William Paley, William Whewell, Johannes Andreas Quenstedt, Karl W. Giberson
Patron Saint
Augustine of Hippo
Main Occupation of
Khalil Gibran; John Wesley; Jonathan Edwards; Desiderius Erasmus; William A. Dembski;  …
Theme of
Evangelical Review of Society and Politics; Last Day Events; Turin Shroud; Contours of Pauline Theology; Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews;  …
Wordnet Synset ID
Freebase ID
"/guid/9202a8c04000641f80000000051d4872", "/guid/9202a8c04000641f800000000003beb4"
Taught by
University of Strasbourg, Andrews University, University of Münster, Graduate Theological Union, Newbold College,  …
Studied by
Chuck Baldwin, Samuele Bacchiocchi
OpenCyc ID
Rare Terms
"If God and man are in themselves one, and if religion is the human side of this unity then must this unity be made evident to man in religion, and become in him consciousness and reality."; "A Good School deserves to be call'd, the very Salt of the Town, that hath it."; "It is the same to me, whether I rot in the air or in the ground. The earth is the Lord's."; "When we love anyone with our whole hearts, life begins when we are with that person; it is only in their company that we are really and truly alive."; "We will often find compensation if we think more of what life has given us and less about what life has taken away.";  …
Freebase Primary MID
"/m/02kvl3l", "/m/07hpn"
Distinct From
type of body part


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