the British Isles
the British Isles

the British Isles

the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland and adjacent islands in the north Atlantic)

geographical area, island, archipelago, populated place

Robert Pattinson; William Shakespeare; Henry VIII of England; Christian Bale; Elizabeth I of England;  …
Western Europe, Northern Europe
Location of
the United Kingdom; England; Ireland; Scotland; Wales;  …
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William Shakespeare, Henry VIII of England, Elizabeth I of England, Charles Darwin, Jade Goody,  …
54°00'00"N, 4°00'00"W
the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, North Sea, the Irish Sea, Strait of Dover,  …
island, archipelago, populated place, geographical area
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A Tale of Two Cities; Sense and Sensibility; Atonement; The Secret Garden; The Wind in the Willows;  …
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Deer of the British Isles, St Kilda Field Mouse
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George V of the United Kingdom
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