substance (material from which things are made)

class, class of classes

class of classes
cocaine; cannabis; DNA; water; Paper size;  …
Parent Class
object; attribute, relation or class; True Knowledge object; conceptual object; visible object;  …
cocaine; water; absinthe; ethanol; oxycodone;  …
Subdivided by, Subdivides, Principal Class
Principle Class of
beer, paper, antibody, B-complex vitamin, alkane,  …
Common-sense Distinct From
person, automobile, film, business, time zone,  …
often used with relations
Related WordNet ID
Difference Relations
is the manufacturer of every, is noticeably a constituent substance of, is a substance that when ingested treats, is a derivative of, is a substance that may interact harmfully with
Possible Properties
Sold by
pet or pet supplies retail outlet, veterinary practice, urban supermarket, car accessories outlet
Distinct From
anime, basketball team, cancer, person, automobile,  …


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