computer peripheral device

peripheral (a device which attaches to a computer)

class, man-made object

man-made object
iPod Touch, Wii Remote, Microphone, webcam, Joystick,  …
Parent Class
item of computer hardware, electronic device, retail product, computer accessory, multi-part manufactured item
iPhone, iPod, router, pda, computer keyboard,  …
Wikipedia Page
Dell Inc.; asus; Toshiba; Lenovo Group; Alienware;  …
Sold by
Maplin Electronics, post office, branch of Maplin Electronics, electrical equipment retail outlet, computer shop
Sold By Every
branch of Maplin Electronics, computer shop
Principle Class of, Principal Class
computer peripheral device
Associated with
electrical equipment retail outlet
Related Products
laptop, MacBook notebook, graphics card, netbook, computer cable,  …
Common-sense Distinct From
person, Central processing unit, bridge, electronic component, trap,  …
Related Organisations
Dell Inc., asus, Toshiba, Lenovo Group, Logitech,  …
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Rare Terms
Freebase Primary MID
Distinct From
person, Central processing unit, bridge, window, roof,  …

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