metre (the SI and metric unit of length, defined as the distance light travels in an absolute vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second)

unit of length, unit of measurement, SI base unit, metric unit of measurement

Wikipedia Page
Equivalent to
3.28083989501312 and foot (0.999999999999999 and metre)
SI base unit, unit of length, unit of measurement, metric unit of measurement
Unit of
the metric system
First Unit of
metres and centimetres
Alternative Unit, Common Alternative, Optimum Conversion Unit
Optimum Conversion Unit of
foot, Caliber, nautical mile, micrometre, kilometre,  …
Canonical Unit For
is the bust size of, is the inside leg measurement of, is the length denoted by the shoe size, is the collar size of, is the elevation of,  …
The Canonical Unit For The Class
Start Point
Freebase ID
"m", "meter", "metre"
Rare Terms
"metres", "meters", "m."
Freebase Primary MID
cubic metre
square metre

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