Filipino (official language of the Philippines; based on Tagalog; draws its lexicon from other Philippine languages)

language, concept with variable precision, tongue, Malayo-Polynesian language, spoken language, shared group behaviour, living language

ISO 3-letter code, ISO 639-3 Code, ISO 639-2b Code
Language family
Malayo-Polynesian language
Spoken in
the Philippines; The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Days of Being Wild; My Best Friend's Girlfriend; Ouija;  …
Used to write
Dekada '70, Heraldo Filipino
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Used in
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; LaLola; May Bukas Pa; Dyosa; I Love Betty La Fea;  …
Official Language of
the Philippines
language, tongue, spoken language, Malayo-Polynesian language, living language,  …
Spoken Language of
Mestizo, Chinese Filipino, Filipino mestizo, Tagalog people, Pangasinan people,  …
Wordnet Synset ID
Freebase ID
latin alphabet, Filipino orthography, Filipino alphabet
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Rare Terms
"tagalog", "national language", "(filipino)"
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