Cardiac amyloidosis

Organ-limited amyloidosis, a category of amyloidosis where the distribution, which can be associated primarily with a single organ

disease, medical condition, genetic disorder, medical concept, cause, Autosomal dominant conditions, Autosomal recessive conditions

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carpal tunnel syndrome; Fever of unknown origin; Abdominal pain; Arthropathy; Blue sclerae;  …
ICD Code
"277.31", "277.3", "E85.1", "E85.3", "E85.",  …
genetic disorder, medical condition, Autosomal dominant conditions, Autosomal recessive conditions, medical concept,  …
Cause of
carpal tunnel syndrome; peritonitis; Abdominal pain; pleurisy; erythema;  …
Contra Indication of
Allelic with
Transthyretin, Familial euthyroid hyperthyroxinemia
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"16", "9836"
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"D028227", "D010505"
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Rare Terms
"mediterranean"; "familial paroxysmal polyserositis"; "wolff periodic disease"; "benign paroxysmal peritonitis"; "mediterranean fever, familial";  …
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