Del Rio, Texas
Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio, the place in Val Verde County, Texas, USA

geographical area, settlement, city, town or city, community, populated place

Texas, the Central Standard Time region, the United States, The Confederate States of America, the Texas 830 telephone code area
Location of
ZIP code 78847; ZIP code 78842; ZIP code 78841; ZIP code 78840; Golden Dragon, 504 E 9th St, Del Rio, TX;  …
41,985; 33,867; 44,286; 46,682
39.8858168992 square kilometres, 40.0 square kilometres, 15.4 square miles
Population density
2,193.5 per square mile; 2,194.0 per square mile; 2,194 per square mile; 846.9 per square kilometre
Radney Foster, Lance Blanks, Tara Nott, Patrice Fisher, Dave Chalk,  …
Capital of, County Seat of
Val Verde County, TX
Origin of
Radney Foster
968 feet (295 metres), 295 metres (968 feet)
Wikipedia Page,_Texas
29°22'15"N, 29°21'45"N, 100°53'47.04"W, 100°53'45"W, 100°53'47"W
End of
U.S. Route 377, U.S. Route 377 in Texas, Texas Recreational Road 2
the Texas 830 telephone code area, the Texas 432 telephone code area
ZIP code 78843
Amistad Reservoir
Leader's Title
"City Manager"
Nearest City to
Amistad National Recreation Area
Land area
15 square miles; 40.0 square kilometres; 15.4 square miles; 39,979,289 square metres
settlement, city, town or city, populated place, community,  …
Water area
0.0 square miles; 0.0 square kilometres; 28,452 square metres
2000 Census Pop.
Housing Units in 2000
Freebase ID
Open Calais URI
Related Websites,,,,,  …
GeoNames URL
Time Zone Area
the Central Standard Time region
Rare Terms
"pocatello", "city of del rio"
Freebase Primary MID

tk10publ tk10canl

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