Apple, the hardware/software company from California

human being, organisation or other legal person, organisation, business, software company, business classified by activity, record label, audio equipment manufacturer, public company, telecommunications equipment manufacturer, venture-backed business, mobile phone manufacturer, electronic computers manufacturing business, technology business, personal computers business

1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA; 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, 95014, United States; 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Customer phone number
+408 996 1010
Timothy D. Cook
iTunes,, Xcode, Cocoa, iWork,  …
Producer of
When the Pawn, Desirable , Desirable
Distributor of
1984, Pencil Test, DigiDrummer
Publisher of
California, Cupertino, Infinite Loop
Developer of
Mac OS X Cheetah, App Store, Dashboard, iCal, .Mac,  …
Silicon Color; Braeburn Capital; FileMaker Inc.; Linamar; Spruce Technologies;  …
Parent company
Wikipedia Page
Annual Turnover
Produces or Provides
Mac OS X Cheetah, iPhone, iPod, Mac OS X Server, MacBook Pro,  …
1976, the 1st of April 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne,  …
"The Computer for The Rest of Us", "Think Different"
Owner of
iTunes Store,, Apple Store
Number Of Employees
35,000; 20,186
Key people
Steve Wozniak, Jonathan Ive, Philip W. Schiller, Scott Forstall, Ron Johnson,  …
Steve Jobs
37°19'54.73"N, 122°01'46.81"W
Creator of
iPhone, AppleScript, Object Pascal, PICT, SND,  …
Maker of
Apple computer
Manufacturer of
iPhone, iPod, MacBook notebook, iMac, MacBook Air,  …
Designer of
Delicious Library
Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Millard Drexler, Gil Amelio, Arthur D. Levinson,  …
iPad, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 4s, iPad,  …
Al Gore, Chief Operating Officer, Queen Rania of Jordan, Ronald Wayne, John Sculley,  …
Area Served
China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany,  …
Main Occupation of
Eric E. Schmidt
Phone Number
408 996 1010
computer software, mobile phone, item of computer hardware, portable audio player, the iphone,  …
software company; record label; audio equipment manufacturer; telecommunications equipment manufacturer; mobile phone manufacturer;  …
chief executive officer; Chief Operating Officer; chief technology officer; Chief marketing officer; Vice President, Sales
Responsible For Content At
Business Area
computer software, item of computer hardware
New Oxford American Dictionary
Theme of
AppleInsider; The Little iDVD Book, Second Edition; The iMac Book, Second Edition; Upgrading and Fixing Macs and iMacs for Dummies; Mastering Mac OS X;  …
Purchaser of
Base of
Silicon Valley
Former Name
"apple computer", "apple computer inc/ fa", "apple computer inc"
Listed on
NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange
Stock Symbol
"AAPL", "ACP", "APC"
Related Websites^RUA,,,,,  …
LSE Code
Sales Phone Number
+800 692 7753
Freebase ID
Retail Outlets, Dealers
Apple Store, Cambridge
Uncommon Terms
"apples", "apple computer"
London Stock Exchange
Postcode (zipcode)
Operating Income
Market Capitalisation
Rare Terms
"aapl"; "applecom"; "apple’s"; ""; "apple computer's";  …
"0000320193", "320193"
Xignite Code
Place Of Incorporation
Freebase Primary MID
Nyse Symbol
Bought by
Peter Oppenheimer
Wikipedia Id
"1275819", "9944291", "933119", "8623010", "14566600",  …
Musicbrainz Guid

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