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diplomats who died of suicide

  • Jan Lechoń
    Jan Lechoń
    Jan Lechoń

    Leszek Józef Serafinowicz, the Polish poet, literary and theater critic, diplomat, and co-founder of the Skamander literary movement and the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America

  • Pietro della Vigna
    Pietro della Vigna

    Pietro della Vigna,, the Italian jurist and diplomat, who acted as chancellor and secretary to Emperor Frederick II. Accused of lèse majesté, he, imprisoned and blinded and committed suicide soon after

  • John Gilbert Winant
    John Gilbert Winant

    John Gilbert Winant OM (February 23, 1889–November 3, 1947), the American politician with the Republican party after a brief career as a teacher in Concord, New Hampshire

  • José Manuel Balmaceda
    José Manuel Balmaceda
    José Manuel Balmaceda

    José Manuel Emiliano Balmaceda Fernández (July 19, 1840 – September 18, 1891), the Chilean political figure and President

  • Adolph Joffe
    Adolph Joffe

    Adolph Abramovich Joffe (alternative transliterations Adolf Ioffe or, rarely, Yoffe) (October 10, 1883, Simferopol - November 16, 1927, Moscow), the Communist revolutionary, a Bolshevik politician and a Soviet diplomat of Karaite descent

  • Ivan Hribar
    Ivan Hribar

    Ivan Hribar, (19 September, 1851 - 28 December, 1941), the Slovene banker, politician, diplomat and publicist

  • Manfred Freiherr von Killinger
    Manfred Freiherr von Killinger

    Manfred, Freiherr von Killinger (July 14, 1886-September 2, 1944), the German naval officer, Freikorps leader, military writer and Nazi politician

  • Alexandru Odobescu
    Alexandru Odobescu
    Alexandru Odobescu

    Alexandru Ioan Odobescu (23 June 1834 – 10 November 1895), the Romanian author, archaeologist and politician

  • Richard Egan
    Richard Egan

    Richard J. Egan (1936 – August 28, 2009), the American engineer, businessman, political fundraiser and US Ambassador to Ireland

  • Charles Jonas
    Charles Jonas
    Charles Jonas

    Charles Jonas (born Karel Jonáš - October 30, 1840-January 15, 1896), the Czech journalist, linguist and political activist, who became a Wisconsin journalist and politician

  • E. Herbert Norman
    E. Herbert Norman

    Egerton Herbert Norman (September 1, 1909 - April 4, 1957), the Canadian diplomat and historian

  • Walther Hewel
    Walther Hewel

    Walther Hewel (2 January 1904 - 2 May 1945), the German diplomat before and during World War II, an early and active member of the Nazi Party, and one of German dictator Adolf Hitler's few personal friends

  • Romain Gary
    Romain Gary

    Romain Gary (8 May 1914 – 2 December 1980), the French novelist, film director, World War II aviator and diplomat

  • Richard Funkhouser

    Richard Edgar Funkhouser (September 10, 1917 - May 15, 2008), the American diplomat and geologist, specializing in oil

  • Tamar Golan

    Tamar Golan, the Israeli journalist and diplomat, who was known especially for her work to promote the relations between Israel and African countries, and for her effort to increase knowledge and awareness to African culture in Israel

  • William Stuart Brown (April 16, 1952 - May 12, 2004), the Australian diplomat and convicted child molester

  • Thomas K. Mooney, the American diplomat and Army officer until his disappearance and death in 2007

  • Leonid Vladimirovich Shebarshin became head of the First Chief Directorate of the KGB in January 1989, when the former FCD chief, Vladimir Kryuchkov, promoted to KGB chief

  • Georgios Papoulias

    Georgios Papoulias (1927 - 11 September 2009, Athens), the Greek politician and diplomat

  • Francisco Romão

    Francisco Romão de Oliveira e Silva (October 1, 1942 – July 25, 2004), the Angolan politician who served as the deputy foreign minister

  • Alexander Dmitrievich Ogorodnik, the Soviet Diplomat who, while stationed in Bogotá, blackmailed by Colombian intelligence agents into spying against the Soviet Union

  • Jaime Torres Bodet (17 April 1902 – 13 May 1974), the prominent Mexican politician and writer who served in the executive cabinet of three Presidents of Mexico

  • Lucien-Anatole Prévost-Paradol

    Lucien-Anatole Prévost-Paradol (8 August 1829, Paris - 20 July 1870, Washington, D.C.), the French journalist and essayist

  • Sir Peter Henry Berry Otway Smithers (9 December 1913 – 8 June 2006), the United Kingdom Conservative Member of Parliament and junior Minister

  • Marin Ceauşescu

    Marin Ceauşescu (1916-December 28 1989), the Romanian economist and diplomat, the older brother of Communist Romania's President Nicolae Ceauşescu

  • Philip Merrill (April 28, 1934—10 June 2006), the American diplomat, publisher, banker, and philanthropist who committed suicide while traveling alone on his boat in the Chesapeake Bay

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