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Danica McKellar and who starred in The West Wing

  • Mary McCormack
    Mary McCormack

    Mary Catherine McCormack (born February 8, 1969), the American television and film actress

  • Martin Sheen
    Martin Sheen

    Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, better known by his stage name Martin Sheen, the American film actor best known for his performances in the films Badlands, Apocalypse Now, Wall Street, The Departed, and The Amazing Spider-Man

  • Marlee Matlin
    Marlee Matlin

    Marlee Matlin, the American deaf actress

  • Kristin Chenoweth
    Kristin Chenoweth

    Kristi Dawn Chenoweth (born July 24, 1968), the American singer and Tony Award-winning American musical theatre, film, and television actress

  • Matthew Perry
    Matthew Perry

    Matthew Langford Perry (born August 19, 1969), the Canadian-American Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor, best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hugely popular television sitcom Friends, a part he played for 10 years

  • Moira Kelly
    Moira Kelly

    Moira Kelly (born March 6, 1968 in Queens, New York), the American actress

  • Timothy Busfield
    Timothy Busfield

    Timothy Busfield (born June 12, 1957, in Lansing, Michigan)

  • Stockard Channing
    Stockard Channing
    Stockard Channing

    Stockard Channing (born Susan Antonia Williams Stockard; February 13, 1944), the two-time Emmy and one-time Tony Award winning American stage, film and television actress

  • Rob Lowe
    Rob Lowe

    Robert Hepler Lowe (born March 17, 1964), the American actor

  • Richard Schiff
    Richard Schiff

    Richard Schiff, the American actor

  • Kathleen York
    Kathleen York

    Kathleen York, the EMI recording artist singer-songwriter, and Academy Award nominated songwriter as well as a film and television actor

  • Joshua Malina
    Joshua Malina

    Joshua Malina (born 1966), the American actor

  • CCH Pounder
    CCH Pounder

    Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder (born December 25, 1952), the three-time Emmy Award-nominated American film and television actress

  • Bradley Whitford
    Bradley Whitford

    Bradley Whitford (born October 10, 1959), the Emmy Award-winning American actor

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith

    Allison Smith (born December 9, 1969), the American actress known for her work on television and Broadway

  • Allison Janney
    Allison Janney

    Allison Janney (born 1960), the American actress

  • Dulé Hill
    Dulé Hill

    Karim Dulé Hill (born May 3, 1975), the American actor and tap dancer

  • Elisabeth Moss
    Elisabeth Moss

    Elisabeth Moss (born October 15, 1983), the American actress best known for her portrayal of first daughter Zoey Bartlet on the television serial drama The West Wing

  • John Spencer
    John Spencer

    John Spencer (actor) (born 1946), the American actor

  • Jimmy Smits
    Jimmy Smits

    Jimmy Smits (born July 9, 1955), the American Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actor

  • Janel Moloney
    Janel Moloney

    Janel Moloney (born October 3 1969), the American actress, known for her role as Donna Moss on The West Wing

  • Alan Alda
    Alan Alda

    Alan Alda (born January 28, 1936), the five-time Emmy Award-winning, six-time Golden Globe-winning, Academy Award-nominated American actor

  • Janeane Garofalo
    Janeane Garofalo

    Janine Garofalo, American actress born 28 September 1964

  • Stockard Channing

    Stockard Channing, the three-time Emmy and one-time Tony Award winning American stage, film and television actress

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