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composers that died on 1941

  • Enrique Saborido
    Enrique Saborido

    Enrique Saborido (born in 1876 or 1877, in Montevideo - died on September 19, 1941, in Buenos Aires), the Uruguayan tango pianist, composer and dance teacher, who also played violin

  • Rabindranath Tagore
    Rabindranath Tagore

    Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 - 7 August 1941), sobriquet Gurudev, the Indian Bengali polymath who reshaped his region's literature and music

  • Guido Adler
    Guido Adler
    Guido Adler

    Guido Adler (November 1, 1855, Ivančice (Eibenschütz), Moravia - February 15 1941, Vienna), the Bohemian-Austrian musicologist and writer

  • Clifford Grey
    Clifford Grey
    Clifford Grey

    Clifford Grey (5 January 1887 - 25 September 1941), the English songwriter, actor, librettist and olympic medalist

  • Robert Hood Bowers
    Robert Hood Bowers
    Robert Hood Bowers

    Robert Hood Bowers (24 May 1877 - 29 December 1941), the American composer, conductor and musical director of operettas and stage musicals, and a conductor and musical director for radio

  • Žiga Hirschler
    Žiga Hirschler
    Žiga Hirschler

    Žiga Hirschler (born March 21, 1894 Zagreb, died 1941 Jasenovac), Croatian composer, music critic and publicist who was killed during the Holocaust

  • José Serrano
    José Serrano

    José Serrano Simeón (14 October 1873 – 8 March 1941), the Spanish composer of zarzuelas

  • Julian Felipe
    Julian Felipe

    Julián Felipe (January 28, 1861 - October 2, 1944), the composer of the music of the Filipino national anthem, now known as Lupang Hinirang

  • Paul Viardot

    Paul Viardot (July 20, 1857 – 1941), the French violinist and musicologist; born at Courtavenel, son of the distinguished singer Mme

  • Paul Ambrose

    Paul Ambrose (11 October 1868 – 1 July 1941), the Canadian organist, conductor, composer, and music educator who was primarily active in the United States

  • Jurgis Karnavičius

    Jurgis Karnavičius (23 April 1884 - 22 December 1941), the Lithuanian composer of classical music and a forerunner of the development of Lithuanian operatic works

  • Mikhail Savoyarov

    Mikhail Savoyarov (Mikhai'l Nikoláevič Savoyárov) (Moscow – 4 August 1941, Moscow), the Russian chansonnier, composer, poet, comic actor and mime

  • Léo-Pol Morin

    Léo-Pol Morin (13 July 1892 - 29 May 1941), the Canadian pianist, music critic, composer, and music educator

  • Johann Heinrich Samuel "Marcel" Sulzberger (1876–1941), the Swiss composer, pianist and music author

  • Reinhard Oppel

    Reinhard Oppel (Grünberg, Hesse 1878-Leipzig, 1941), the German composer

  • Virginia Mariani Campolieti

    Virginia Mariani Campolieti (b. 4 December 1869, d. 1941), the Italian pianist, orchestra conductor and composer

  • William Herman Potstock (Wilhelm Hermann), (1872-1941), the German American musician and composer

  • Stewart Macpherson

    (Charles) Stewart Macpherson (29 March, 1865 - 27 March, 1941), the English musician of Scottish descent

  • Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis (March 19, 1896 - c 1941?), the jazz pianist and composer

  • Jorge Santos

    Santos Jorge Amatriaim (1870 - 1941), composed the music for the Panamanian national anthem "Himno Istmeno"

  • Ren Guang

    Ren Guang (Chinese: 任光; pinyin: Rèn Guāng; b. Zhejiang, November 9, 1900; d. January 1941), also known by a nom de plume, Ren Qianfa (任前发), the noted Chinese composer of the early 20th century

  • Primo Riccitelli (Cognoli di Campli, 9 August 1875 - Giulianova, Teramo, 27 March 1941), Italian composerPrimo Riccitelli, one of four children

  • Johanna Müller-Hermann

    Johanna Müller-Hermann (1878-01-15–1941-04-19), the Austrian composer and pedagogue

  • Clara Anna Korn

    Clara Anna Korn (b. 1866, d. 1941), the American pianist, composer and music writer

  • Edoardo Mascheroni

    Edoardo Mascheroni (born Milan, September 4, 1852 - died Valganna, March 4, 1941), the Italian composer and conductor

  • Frank Addison Porter

    Frank Addison Porter (b. 1859 in Dixmont, Maine), the American pianist and composer connected for most of his career with the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston

  • Charles Sanford Skilton

    Charles Sanford Skilton (August 16, 1868 - March 12, 1941), the American composer, teacher and musicologist

  • Cecil Forsyth

    Cecil Forsyth, the English composer and musicologist

  • Arthur M. Goodhart

    Arthur Murray Goodhart(1866-1941), the British composer and organist

  • Brigham Cecil Gates (1887–1941), born in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii on August 16, 1887, the second of twelve children of Jacob F. and Susa Young Gates

  • Carlos Pedrell

    Carlos Pedrell (born Minas, Uruguay, October 16, 1878 - died Montrouge, March 9, 1941), the Uruguayan composer and educator

  • Guglielmo Zuelli

    Guglielmo Zuelli (Reggio Emilia, October 20, 1859 - Milan, October 17, 1941), the Italian composer and conductor

  • Heinrich Zöllner

    Heinrich Zöllner (born Leipzig, July 4, 1854 - Freiburg, May 8, 1941), the German composer and conductor

  • Iver Paul Fredrik Holter (1850-1941), the Norwegian composer and music director of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra from 1882 until 1886

  • Johan Wagenaar

    Johan Wagenaar (1862 - 1941), the Dutch composer and organist

  • Andrzej Włast

    Andrzej Włast (aka Gustaw Baumritter), Polish Jewish songwriter, born 1885 in Lódz

  • Iso Szajewicz

    Iso Szajewicz, 1910-1940, Polish Jewish composer and conductor born in Kutno, Poland, died in the holocaust

  • Hong Nan-pa

    Hong Nan-pa (April 10, 1897 – August 30, 1941), the Korean composer, violinist, conductor, music critic and educator during the era of Japanese rule in Korea

  • Henri Christiné

    Henri Marius Christiné, the French composer of Swiss birth, born in Geneva, Switzerland on 27 December 1867 and died in Nice, France on 25 November 1941

  • Henry B. Vincent

    Henry Bethuel Vincent (December 28, 1872 - January 7, 1941), the composer and organist

  • Jorge Anckermann

    Jorge Anckermann (Havana, 22 March 1877 - 3 February 1941), the Cuban pianist, composer and bandleader

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