cheese (the curds of milk, coagulated, separated from the whey and pressed into a solid mass, eaten as food)

class, substance, foodstuff, dairy product, solid, food

food, solid, substance, dairy product, foodstuff
Mozzarella, Cottage cheese, Mascarpone, cheddar cheese, Casu marzu,  …
Parent Class
dairy or egg based food, simple food or ingredient, dairy product
Mozzarella, Cottage cheese, Mascarpone, cheddar cheese, Casu marzu,  …
Contained in
a burrito
high in Butyric acid; low in 22:0; low in 20:3 undifferentiated; low in 17:1; low in 13:0;  …
Made of
Liked By
Wayne Thiebaud, Jasper Clarkberg, Nick Franklin
Made Famous
1,380.55 kilojoules per 100g; 329.976 calories per 100g; 400 calories per 100g
USDA Food Group code
Amount Of The Substance In 100g
1,794.8275 milligrams of salt; 0.624 grams of Alanine; 0.00828 grams of alpha-linolenic acid; 0.00276 grams of arachidic acid; 0.725 grams of Arginine;  …
Added Amount Of The Substance In 100g
0 milligrams of Tocopherol, 0.190357 micrograms of Vitamin B-12
Total Amount In The Food Part Of 100g
18.7952 micrograms of Folic acid
Universal Attributes
naturally occurring
Distinct From
chocolate, butter, yogurt


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