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authors who died in 1942

  • Janusz Korczak
    Janusz Korczak

    Janusz Korczak, the pen name of Henryk Goldszmit (July 22, 1878 – August 1942), the Polish-Jewish children's author, pediatrician, and child pedagogue, known as Pan Doktor (Mr Doctor) or Stary Doktor (Old Doctor)

  • Eric Ravilious
    Eric Ravilious

    Eric William Ravilious (22 July 2000 - 2 September 2010), the English painter, designer, book illustrator and wood engraver

  • John Holland Rose
    John Holland Rose

    John Holland Rose (1855-1942), the influential English historian who wrote a famous biography of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and also wrote a history of Europe, entitled The Development of the European Nations

  • Tina Modotti
    Tina Modotti

    Tina Modotti (August 16 (or 17) 1896 - January 5, 1942), the Italian photographer, model, actress, and revolutionary political activist

  • Guglielmo Ferrero
    Guglielmo Ferrero

    Guglielmo Ferrero, the Italian historian, journalist and novelist, author of the Greatness and Decline of Rome (6 vols

  • Roberto Arlt
    Roberto Arlt

    Roberto Arlt, the Argentine writer born in Buenos Aires on April 2, 1900

  • Jakob van Hoddis
    Jakob van Hoddis
    Jakob van Hoddis

    Jakob van Hoddis (born May 16 1887 in Berlin; died 1942 in Sobibór), the pen name of a German-Jewish expressionist poet Hans Davidsohn, of which name "Van Hoddis" is an anagram

  • Ramaprasad Chanda
    Ramaprasad Chanda
    Ramaprasad Chanda

    Ramaprasad Chanda, the author

  • Ilf and Petrov
    Ilf and Petrov

    Ilya Ilf (Ilya Arnoldovich Faynzilberg, 1897-1937) and Evgeny or Yevgeny Petrov (Yevgeniy Petrovich Kataev or Katayev, 1903-1942), the two Soviet prose authors of the 1920s and 1930s

  • Franz Boas
    Franz Boas

    Franz Boas, the German-American anthropologist and a pioneer of modern anthropology who has been called the "Father of American Anthropology" and "the Father of Modern Anthropology." Like many such pioneers

  • Olena Teliha
    Olena Teliha

    Olena Teliha (Олена Теліга, July 21, 1907 - February 21, 1942), notable Ukrainian poet and activist

  • Vadim Shershenevich
    Vadim Shershenevich
    Vadim Shershenevich

    Vadim Gabrielevich Shershenevich (Вадим Габриэлевич Шершеневич) (1893–1942), the Russian poet

  • Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson
    Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson
    Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson

    Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson (July 23, 1858, Madison, New Jersey – July 23, 1942, Lausanne, Switzerland), the American author

  • Kazys Binkis
    Kazys Binkis
    Kazys Binkis

    Kazys Binkis (1893 – 1942), the Lithuanian poet, journalist, and playwright

  • Yakov I. Perelman
    Yakov I. Perelman

    Yakov I. Perelman (Yakov Isidorovich Perelman)(1882-1942), the Russian author of many popular science books

  • Bland Holt
    Bland Holt
    Bland Holt

    Bland Holt, born Joseph Thomas Holt, (24 March 1851 – 28 June 1942)comedian and theatrical producer, active in Australia

  • Konstantin Balmont
    Konstantin Balmont
    Konstantin Balmont

    Konstantin Dmitriyevich Balmont (— December 23, 1942), the Russian symbolist poet, translator, one of the major figures of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry

  • José María Eguren
    José María Eguren
    José María Eguren

    José María Eguren Rodríguez (b. Lima-Perú, July 7, 1874 – † d. Lima-Perú April 19, 1942)

  • Victor Margueritte
    Victor Margueritte

    Victor Margueritte and his brother Paul Margueritte, French novelists, both born in Algeria, the the sons of General Jean Auguste Margueritte, who after an honorable career in Algeria, mortally wounded in the great cavalry charge at Sedan

  • Lev Nussimbaum
    Lev Nussimbaum

    Subscript text Lev Nussimbaum (Mohammad Essad bey) (Kiev, 1905 – Positano, 1942), the writer and journalist, a Jew, born in Kiev, who spent his childhood in Baku before fleeing the Bolsheviks in 1920 at the age of 14

  • Alexander Beliaev
    Alexander Beliaev

    Alexander Beliaev (Алекса́ндр Рома́нович Беля́ев; 1884-1942), the Russian author of science fiction whose body of work from the 1920s and 1930s made him a highly regarded Russian author in that field

  • Joseph Fielding Smith
    Joseph Fielding Smith
    Joseph Fielding Smith

    Joseph Fielding Smith (January 30, 1899 – August 29, 1964), presiding patriarch and a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1942 until 1946

  • Patrick Reginald Chalmers (1872 –1942), the Irish writer, who worked as a banker

  • Moriz Seeler (1 March 1896 - after 15 August 1942), the German poet, writer, film producer, and man of the theatre

  • Mordechai Gebirtig

    Mordechai Gebirtig, born Mordecai Bertig (b. 4 April 1877, Kraków, Austria Hungary; d. 4 June 1942, Kraków, Poland), the influential Yiddish poet and songwriter

  • Leon Pratt Alford (1877 – 1942), the mechanical engineer, administrator for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and management-relations innovator

  • Martin Allerdale Grainger

    Martin Allerdale Grainger (17 November 1874 — 15 October 1941]), the Canadian journalist, forester and author

  • Morley Roberts (29 December 1857 – 8 June 1942), the English novelist and short story writer, best known for The Private Life of Henry Maitland

  • Robert Hunter

    Robert Hunter (1874 - 1942), the author, the author of Poverty and The Middle East

  • Will James, the author and winner, the author of Smoky the Cow Horse and the person or entity that won Newbery Medal

  • Walter Serner (January 15 1889 - 1942), the German-language writer and essayist

  • Vaduvur Duraisami Iyengar

    Vadavur Duraisami Iyengar, the popular Tamil writer of detective fiction in the 1940s and '50s

  • William Baylebridge, the pseudonym of Charles William Blocksidge (1883-1942), an Australian poet and short-story writer

  • William Murdoch

    William David Murdoch (10 February 1888 – 9 September 1942), the Australian pianist, composer and author

  • William Stott

    William Stott-of-Oldham (1857–1900) as he signed his works in order to distinguish himself from Edward Stott, the British painter born in Oldham, Lancashire, England

  • William Plane Pycraft (1868–1942), the English osteologist and zoologist

  • Talbot Hughes

    Talbot Hughes (1869–1942), the British painter of romanticized genre and historical and landscape scenes who exhibited at the Royal Academy from the age of 17 to 1913

  • T. Irving Crowell

    T. Irving Crowell (? - ?), the son of Thomas Y. Crowell and succeeded him as president of Thomas Y. Crowell Co. after Thomas died in 1909

  • Robert Hunter

    Robert Hunter (1874 - 1942), the author, the author of Poverty and The Middle East

  • Rex Distin Martienssen, ARIBA, CIAM, 26 February 1905 Queenstown - 23 August 1942 Pretoria, the South African architect who was greatly influenced by Le Corbusier and spearheaded a modernist architectural movement in South Africa

  • Raymond Dodge

    Raymond Dodge (1871–1942), the American experimental psychologist

  • Kazimierz Zdziechowski (1878-1942), the Polish writer

  • Robert Hunter

    Robert Hunter (April 10, 1874 – May 14, 1942), the American sociologist and progressive author

  • Ronald Kidd

    Ronald Kidd (died 1942), the author and person that was nominated for an award, honour or prize, the author of The Nutcracker and The Perfect Pet

  • Robert W H Everett

    Robert William Hanmer Everett, DSO (29 May 1901 – 26 January 1942), the British jockey and World War II pilot

  • Pavel Davidovich Kogan (July 7, 1918, Kiev – September 23, 1942, near Novorossiysk), the Soviet poet

  • John O. Evjen

    John O. Evjen (1874 - 1942), the author

  • Edward Jackson

    Edward Jackson (1856 - 1942), the author, the author of Flatford

  • Edward Jackson

    Edward Jackson (1856 - 1942), the author, the author of Flatford

  • Édouard Estaunié (Dijon, February 4, 1862 - Paris, February 1, 1942), the French novelist

  • Edward Jackson

    Edward Jackson (1856 - 1942), the author, the author of Flatford

  • Eleanor Atkinson

    Eleanor Atkinson (1863 - 1942), the author, the author of Greyfriars Bobby and Johnny Appleseed

  • Francis Kingsley Ball

    Francis Kingsley Ball (1863 - 1942), the author

  • Esteban Gil Borges

    Esteban Gil Borges (Caracas, 1879 - Caracas, 3 August 1942), the Venezuelan politician, diplomat, writer and university professor

  • E. H. Jones

    Lieutenant Elias Henry Jones, the Welsh officer in the Indian Army who, together with Australian C. W. Hill, escaped from the Yozgad prisoner of war camp in Turkey during World War I. Their epic story, told in the book The Road to En-dor

  • Davis Rich Dewey, Ph. D. (April 7, 1858 – December 13, 1942), the American economist and statistician

  • André de Lorde

    André de Lorde, (1871-1933?) born in France, the son of a nobleman whose title, more impressive than his fortune, the chief author of the Grand Guignol plays

  • Sir Alfred William Flux CB (April 8, 1867 – July 16, 1942), the British economist and statistician

  • Alexander Preis

    Alexander Preis (Russian: Александр Прыс), the Russian writer of numerous plays and libretti, including those for Shostakovich's operas The Nose and Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district

  • C. V Mosby

    C. V Mosby (1876 - 1942), the author, the author of Making the grade and Mosby's Nursing Almanac

  • Carl Sternheim

    Carl Sternheim (born William Adolph Carl Francke; April 1, 1878 – November 3, 1942), the German playwright and short story writer

  • Conrad Noel

    Conrad le Despenser Roden Noel (12 July 1869 - 2 July 1942), the English priest of the Church of England

  • Charles Herbert Woodbury

    Charles Herbert Woodbury (July 14, 1864—January 21, 1940), United States marine painter, born at Lynn, Massachusetts

  • Francis Kingsley Ball

    Francis Kingsley Ball (1863 - 1942), the author

  • Franciszka Arnsztajnowa, in full Franciszka Hanna Arnsztajnowa (b. 19 February 1865 in Lublin; d. August 1942), the well-known and esteemed Polish poet, playwright, and translator of Jewish descent

  • John O. Evjen

    John O. Evjen (1874 - 1942), the author

  • Joan Vincent Murray

    Joan Vincent Murray (born February 12, 1917 London - January 4, 1942 Saranac Lake, New York), the Canadian American poet

  • James Joseph Walsh, M.D., LL.D., Litt.D., Sc.D. (1865-1942), the American physician and author, born in New York City

  • Matthew Resnick (1987- still alive, Rochester, New York), the American Rabbi, writer and publisher

  • John O. Evjen

    John O. Evjen (1874 - 1942), the author

  • John O. Evjen

    John O. Evjen (1874 - 1942), the author

  • John O. Evjen

    John O. Evjen (1874 - 1942), the author

  • Jacques Émile Blanche

    Jacques-Émile Blanche (1861-1942), the French painter born in Paris

  • J. G. Myers

    John Golding Myers (1897-1942), employed by the Imperial Bureau of Entomology

  • Fred Fisher (September 3, 1875 – January 14, 1942), the German-born American songwriter and Tin Pan Alley music publisher

  • Frank Pearce Sturm

    Frank Pearce Sturm (1879–1942), the poet and translator, known for his 1906 translations of Baudelaire; his short poem Still-heart is a popular favourite

  • Frederick Nutter Chasen (1896 - 1942), the English zoologist

  • George Adam Smith

    George Adam Smith (October 19, 1856 - 1942), Scottish theologian, born in Calcutta, where his father, George Smith, C.I.E., was then principal of the Doveton College

  • Henri Stahl

    Henri Stahl (1877-1942), the Romanian stenographer and writer

  • George Kirchwey

    George Washington Kirchwey, LL.D (1855-1942), the American legal scholar, born at Detroit, Mich

  • Jules de Gaultier (born in 1858 in Paris, died in 1942 in Boulogne-sur-Mer), born Jules Achille de Gaultier de Laguionie, the French philosopher and essayist

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