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actors who died in 1955

  • Esperanza Baur
    Esperanza Baur

    Esperanza Baur Díaz (c. 1924 – March 11, 1961), the Mexican actress, and the second wife of John Wayne

  • Richard "Skeets" Gallagher
    Richard "Skeets" Gallagher
    Richard "Skeets" Gallagher

    Richard "Skeets" Gallagher (July 28, 1891, Terre Haute, Indiana - May 22, 1955, Santa Monica, California), often billed as Skeets Gallagher, the vaudeville, Broadway, and Hollywood actor

  • Richy Müller
    Richy Müller
    Richy Müller

    Richy Müller (born Hans-Jürgen Müller; September 26, 1955), the German television and movie actor

  • Robert Dudley
    Robert Dudley
    Robert Dudley

    Robert Dudley (13 September 1869-15 September 1955), born Robert Y. Dudley in Cincinnati, Ohio, the dentist turned film character actor who, in his 35-year career, appeared in over 115 films

  • Rudolf Klein-Rogge
    Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    Rudolf Klein-Rogge (November 24 1888–April 30 1955), the German stage and film actor of the 1920s and 30s

  • Rose Stahl
    Rose Stahl
    Rose Stahl

    Rose Stahl(1870-1955), the American stage actress, born in Chicago

  • O.B. Clarence
    O.B. Clarence
    O.B. Clarence

    Oliver Burchett Clarence (25 March 1870 - 2 October 1955), the British film actor

  • Muriel Aked
    Muriel Aked
    Muriel Aked

    Muriel Aked (9 November 1887 - 21 March 1955), the British film actress

  • Lynne Carver
    Lynne Carver
    Lynne Carver

    Lynne Carver, the actor, a star in Young Dr. Kildare

  • Lillian Lorraine
    Lillian Lorraine

    Lillian Lorraine, the stage and screen actress of the 1910s and 1920s, best known for her beauty and for being perhaps the most famous Ziegfeld Girl in the Broadway revues Ziegfeld Follies during the 1910s

  • Aleksander Zelwerowicz
    Aleksander Zelwerowicz
    Aleksander Zelwerowicz

    Aleksander Zelwerowicz (1877–1955), the Polish actor, director, theatre president and a teacher

  • Jimmy Godden
    Jimmy Godden
    Jimmy Godden

    Jimmy Godden (1879-1955), the British film actor

  • Miroslava

    Miroslava (February 26, 1926 - March 9, 1955), the Czechoslovakian-born Mexican film actress who appeared in thirty two films

  • S. Z. Sakall
    S. Z. Sakall
    S. Z. Sakall

    Szőke Szakáll (February 2, 1883 - February 12, 1955), known as S.Z. Sakall, the Hungarian-Jewish film character actor

  • Edith Wynne Matthison
    Edith Wynne Matthison
    Edith Wynne Matthison

    Edith Wynne Matthison (November 23, 1875 - September 23, 1955), the stage actress who appeared in two silent films

  • Tom Dugan
    Tom Dugan
    Tom Dugan

    Tom Dugan, the actor, starred in Leprechaun 3 and Hellraiser: Bloodline

  • Veronica Forqué
    Veronica Forqué
    Veronica Forqué

    Verónica Forqué (born Verónica Forqué Vázquez-Vigo on 1 December 1955 in Madrid), the Spanish actress of stage, film and television who comes from an artistic and theatrical family

  • Arthur Donaldson
    Arthur Donaldson
    Arthur Donaldson

    Arthur Donaldson (5 April 1869 - 28 September 1955), the Swedish-American actor

  • Sybille Schmitz
    Sybille Schmitz

    Sybille Schmitz (born December 2, 1909 - April 13, 1955), the German actress

  • Stanley Price
    Stanley Price
    Stanley Price

    Stanley Price, the screenwriter, someone who wrote the screenplay for Gold

  • Walter Hampden
    Walter Hampden

    Walter Hampden, the artist name of Walter Hampden Dougherty (born June 30, 1879 in Brooklyn; died June 11, 1955 in Los Angeles), a U.S. actor and theatre manager

  • Seena Owen
    Seena Owen

    Seena Owen (November 14, 1894 - August 15, 1966), the Danish-American silent film actress

  • Mary Jerrold

    Mary Jerrold (1877–1955), the British actress

  • Marguerite Deval

    Marguerite Deval (1866-1955), the French singer and actress

  • Lydia Knott

    Lydia Knott, the actor, a star in A Woman of Paris

  • Mary McLeod Bethune

    Mary McLeod Bethune, the actor

  • Wastl Witt

    Wastl Witt (1882-1955), the German actor

  • Vemuri Gaggaiah

    Vemuri Gaggaiah (Telugu: వేమూరి గగ్గయ్య) (1895–1955), popular Telugu theater and film actor

  • Robert Kent

    Robert Kent (3 December 1908 – 4 May 1955), born Douglas Blackley, Jr, the American film actor

  • Lily Cahill

    Lily Cahill (17 July 1888, Lockhart, Texas - 20 July 1955, San Antonio), the American actress of the stage and screen

  • Saša Rašilov

    Saša Rašilov (6 September 1891 - 4 May 1955), the Czechoslovak film actor

  • Ora Carew

    Ora Carew (August 13, 1893, Salt Lake City - October 26, 1955, Los Angeles) born Ora Whytock, the silent film actress

  • Tom Moore

    Thomas J. "Tom" Moore (May 1, 1883 - February 12, 1955), the Irish-born American actor and director

  • Vernon Steele

    Vernon Steele, the actor, a star in Bonnie Scotland

  • Sári Fedák

    Sári Fedák (26 October 1897, Berehove - 25 May 1955, Budapest), the Hungarian actress and singer, one of the most well-known prima donnas of her time

  • Maurice Lagrenée

    Maurice Lagrenée (1893-1955), the French film actor

  • Johnnie Schofield

    Johnnie Schofield, the actor, a star of The Echo Murders and Give Me the Stars

  • Christian Argentin

    Christian Argentin (1893-1955), the French actor

  • Chief Thundercloud, real name Victor Daniels, (12 April 1899 - 1 December 1955), the American character actor in westerns

  • Claude Dampier

    Claude Dampier (1879-1955), the British film actor

  • Claude Payton

    Claude Duval Payton (20 March 1882, Centerville, Iowa - 1 March 1955, Los Angeles, California), the American actor

  • Cyril Chadwick

    Cyril Chadwick (11 June, 1879 - ?), the English actor of the silent era

  • Clyde A. Bruckman (September 20, 1894January 4, 1955), the American writer and director of comedy films during the late silent era as well as the early sound era of cinema

  • Charles Goldner

    Charles Goldner, the Austrian-born actor who appeared in a number of British films during the 1940s and 1950s

  • Billy Ruge

    Billy Ruge, the American film actor

  • Allan Wade

    Allan Wade (1881 – 1955), the actor, theatre director and writer

  • Alfred Denville

    Alfred Arthur Hinchcliffe Denville (27 January 1876-23 March 1955), the English actor, theatre impresario and Conservative Party politician

  • Arnold Sjöstrand

    Arnold Sjöstrand (30 June 1903 - 1 February 1955), the Swedish actor and film director

  • Basil Gill

    Basil Gill (1877-1955), the British film actor whose film career started with Henry VIII (1911), a short silent film

  • Betty Ann Davies

    Betty Ann Davies, the actor, a star of Children Galore and Mountains O'Mourne

  • Daniel Birt

    Daniel Birt (23 June 1907 - 15 May 1955), the English film director and editor

  • Dave Morris

    Dave Morris (7 June 1884 - 27 November 1955), the American film actor of the silent era

  • Hugh Pryse

    Hugh Pryse (1910–1955), the British film actor

  • Howard Gaye

    Howard Gaye (1878-1955), the British actor who worked mainly in the United States

  • James Craven

    James Craven, the actor, a star of Wings Over Africa

  • James Millican

    James Millican, the actor, a star in The Man from Colorado

  • Kazimierz Wajda

    Kazimierz Wajda (1905-5/1955), stage name Szczepko, the Polish actor, comedian

  • Janet Beecher

    Janet Beecher, the actor, starred in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

  • Hans Mierendorff

    Hans Mierendorff, the actor, a star of Fridericus and The Heart of a Queen

  • Govindrao Tembe

    Govindrao Tembe (Devanagari: गोविंदराव टेंबे) (1881-October 9, 1955), the harmonium player, stage actor, and music composer

  • Édouard Delmont

    Édouard Delmont (5 December 1883 – 22 November 1955), the French actor

  • Edmund Wierciński

    Edmund Wierciński (1899-1955), the Polish stage director, actor and educator

  • Edward Martindel

    Edward Martindel, the actor, a star in The Desert Song

  • Fred Groves

    Fred Groves (8 August 1880 - 4 June 1955), the actor, a star of Puppets of Fate and The Ghost Camera

  • Fritz Odemar

    Fritz Odemar (13 January, 1890 - 6 June, 1955), the German film actor

  • Lawrence A. Bowes

    Lawrence A. Bowes (1 January 1885 – 5 June 1955), the American actor

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