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actors born in July 1949

  • Maury Chaykin
    Maury Chaykin

    Maury Chaykin (born July 27, 1949), the Canadian/American actor

  • Michael Richards
    Michael Richards

    Michael Richards (born 1949), the comedian

  • Maureen McGovern
    Maureen McGovern

    Maureen Therese McGovern (born July 27, 1949), the American singer and Broadway actress, widely known for her premiere rendition of the 1973 hit "The Morning After"

  • Alan Menken
    Alan Menken

    Alan Menken (born July 22 1949 in New Rochelle, New York), the American Broadway and Academy Award winning film score composer and pianist

  • Leslie Easterbrook
    Leslie Easterbrook

    Leslie Easterbrook (born July 29, 1949), the American actress

  • Mike Reilly
    Mike Reilly

    Michael Eugene Reilly (born July 2, 1949 in Sioux City, Iowa), the former Major League Baseball umpire who worked in the American League from 1977 to 1999 and throughout both major leagues from 2000-2010

  • Nigel Lythgoe
    Nigel Lythgoe

    Nigel Lythgoe (born July 9, 1949), the English television and film director and producer

  • Trevor Horn
    Trevor Horn

    Trevor Charles Horn (born 15 July 1949 in Durham, England), the English pop music record producer, songwriter and musician

  • Yoichi Sai
    Yoichi Sai

    Yoichi Sai (崔洋一, Choi Yang-il, born 6 July 1949 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan), the ethnic-Korean Japanese film director

  • Susan Penhaligon
    Susan Penhaligon

    Susan Penhaligon, the British television actress best known for her appearances in the controversial 1976 drama Bouquet of Barbed Wire and the British television situation comedy, A Fine Romance

  • Roger Taylor
    Roger Taylor

    Roger Taylor, Roger Meddows-Taylor born on July 26, 1949 in Dersingham, Norfolk is an English musician best known as the percussionist of the rock band Queen

  • Phyllis Hyman
    Phyllis Hyman

    Phyllis Hyman (July 6, 1949 - June 30, 1995), the soul singer, model and actress

  • Kaity Tong
    Kaity Tong

    Kaity Tong, the Chinese-born American broadcast journalist who has been a television news anchor in New York City since 1981

  • Maren Kroymann
    Maren Kroymann
    Maren Kroymann

    Maren Kroymann (born July 19, 1949 in Walsrode), the German actress and singer

  • Elizabeth Edwards
    Elizabeth Edwards

    Mary Elizabeth Edwards (nee Anania) (born July 3, 1949, in Jacksonville, Florida), the former attorney and the wife of John Edwards (former U.S. Senator from North Carolina and 2004 Democratic vice-presidential candidate)

  • Greg Kihn
    Greg Kihn

    Greg Kihn, the artist and musician, a player of guitar and living in Baltimore and San Jose, California

  • Ingrid Newkirk
    Ingrid Newkirk

    Ingrid Newkirk (born 1949), the activist

  • John Farnham
    John Farnham

    John Peter Farnham (born July 1, 1949), the English-born Australian pop singer

  • James Kiberd
    James Kiberd

    James Kiberd (born July 6, 1949 in Providence, Rhode Island), the American actor

  • Jan Smithers
    Jan Smithers

    Karin Jan Smithers (born July 3, 1949), the American television and film actress, who is best known for playing Bailey Quarters on the television series WKRP in Cincinnati

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas

    Jeremy Thomas (born 1949)

  • Bolek Polívka
    Bolek Polívka
    Bolek Polívka

    Boleslav Polívka (born 31 July, 1949), the Czech film and theatre actor, mime, playwright and screenwriter

  • Ryan Cutrona

    Ryan Cutrona (born 29 July 1949), the American actor

  • Carmel Cryan (born 8 July 1949), the British actress, best known for the role of Brenda Boyle in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders

  • Bryan Murray (born July 13, 1949, in Dublin, Ireland), the Irish actor

  • Winston Rekert, the Canadian actor born on July 10, 1949 in Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada

  • Tom Owen (born 12 July 1949), the British actor who is best known for playing Tom Simmonite on the British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine

  • Naomi Kahoilua Wilson

    Naomi Kahoilua Wilson (born 5 July 1949), the American actress known for the one role she ever played, that of "Mahana" in the film Johnny Lingo

  • Masato Harada, the Japanese film director, critic, and sometimes an actor; he is best known to Western audiences as Omura in The Last Samurai and as Mr Mita in Fearless

  • Jay Johnson (born July 11, 1949, in Lubbock, Texas), the ventriloquist best known for his role on the television show Soap

  • Mehul Kumar

    Mehul Kumar, the Indian filmmaker, film director, producer and writer who works in the Bollywood industry

  • Ivar Kants (born 19 July 1949) (commonly credited as Ivor Kants), the Australian actor who played the role of Ken Garrett in soap opera The Restless Years

  • Hanno Pöschl

    Hanno Pöschl (born 2 July 1949, Vienna, Austria), the Austrian actor

  • Randall Wallace (born July 28, 1949, Tennessee), the American screenwriter, producer, and director

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