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actors born in 1992

  • Princess Snell
    Princess Snell

    Princess Tinkerbell Cristina Marjorie Pedere Snell, better known simply as Princess Snell (born on April 14, 1992 in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines), the Filipina actress and one of the finalists in the fifth season of StarStruck

  • Jermaine Crawford
    Jermaine Crawford

    Jermaine Crawford Born (October 28, 1992), the actor best known for appearing on the HBO original series The Wire as Duquan "Dukie" Weems

  • Jessica Henwick
    Jessica Henwick

    Jessica Yu Li Henwick (born 30 August), the British-born Eurasian actress

  • Jessy Mendiola
    Jessy Mendiola

    Jessica Mendiola Tawile, credited by her screen names Jessey Mendiola, Jessie Mendiola and Jessy Mendiola, the Filipina actress

  • Hayley Kiyoko
    Hayley Kiyoko

    Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft, the Japanese American actress and singer born in 1992 in Los Angeles, California

  • RJ Mitte
    RJ Mitte

    Roy Frank “RJ” Mitte III (born August 21, 1992), the American actor best known for his role as Walter White, Jr. or “Flynn” on the AMC television series, Breaking Bad

  • Eleanor Tomlinson
    Eleanor Tomlinson
    Eleanor Tomlinson

    Eleanor Tomlinson, the English actress; she comes from Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

  • Elizabeth Gillies
    Elizabeth Gillies

    ]]]] Elizabeth Egan "Liz" Gillies (born July 26, 1993), the American actress, singer, and dancer

  • Samara Weaving
    Samara Weaving

    Samara Weaving (born 23 February 1992), the Australian actress known for her role as Kirsten Mulroney in the Australian-produced BBC TV series Out Of The Blue and also for playing Indigo Walker on soap opera Home and Away

  • Perry Millward
    Perry Millward

    Perry Millward (born in Sidcup, Kent), the youngBritish] actor primarily known for his work on stage (especially in London's West End), although he also has a few television credits

  • Nicolas Caeyers
    Nicolas Caeyers

    Nicolas Caeyers (born 1992 As of September 2006, Nicolas, competing in the Belgian pre-selections of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with his song "Ik wil je nooit meer kwijt" ("I never want to lose you") which

  • Kirsha Southward
    Kirsha Southward

    Kirsha Southward, born in Derbyshire, in 1992

  • Melinda Shankar
    Melinda Shankar

    Melinda Shankar, the Canadian teen actress who is best known for playing Alli Bhandari in season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation

  • Mariana Esposito
    Mariana Esposito

    Mariana Espósito (born October 10, 1991, in Buenos Aires), also known as "Lali Espósito", the argentine actress, singer, dancer and model

  • Lucy May Barker
    Lucy May Barker
    Lucy May Barker

    Lucy May Barker (born 4 April, 1992), the British stage and screen actress

  • Aaron James Murphy
    Aaron James Murphy

    Aaron James Murphy, the film and TV actor

  • Keir Gilchrist
    Keir Gilchrist

    Keir Gilchrist (born September 28, 1992), the British/Canadian actor currently living in Canada

  • Josh Hutcherson
    Josh Hutcherson

    Joshua Ryan Hutcherson (born October 12, 1992), the American film and television actor

  • Nathan Kress
    Nathan Kress

    Nathan Kress (born on November 18, 1992 in Glendale, California), the American actor and a well known voice actor

  • Messias Gabriel Liotta
    Messias Gabriel Liotta
    Messias Gabriel Liotta

    Messias Gabriel Liotta (born 17 March 1992), the actor

  • Darya Melnikova
    Darya Melnikova
    Darya Melnikova

    Dasha Melnikova (born February 9, 1992) is a Russian actress

  • Raven Goodwin
    Raven Goodwin
    Raven Goodwin

    Raven Tyshanna Goodwin (born June 24, 1992), the American actress

  • Thomas Law
    Thomas Law

    Thomas Law (born 17 December 1992), the English actor who plays Peter Beale in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders

  • Alexa Nikolas
    Alexa Nikolas

    Alexa Helen Nikolas (born April 4, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois), the American actress of Greek descent best known for her role as Nicole Bristow in the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101

  • Tequan Richmond
    Tequan Richmond

    Tequan Richmond, the American actor most known for his work on the sitcom "Everybody Hates Chris"

  • Thomas Turgoose
    Thomas Turgoose
    Thomas Turgoose

    Thomas Turgoose, the award-winning British actor

  • Anton Abele
    Anton Abele

    Anton Abele, the award-winning young activist, debater, politician and member of the Swedish Parliament who committed himself to working against street violence after the death of 16-year-old.... Riccardo Campogiani

  • Tyler Steelman
    Tyler Steelman

    Tyler Steelman, the gay American actor

  • Vinícius de Oliveira
    Vinícius de Oliveira
    Vinícius de Oliveira

    Vinícius de Oliveira, the Brazilian actor born in Rio de Janeiro on June 7, 1985

  • Ahmed mouhamed
    Ahmed mouhamed
    Ahmed mouhamed

    Ahmed Mohamed (born April 28, 1992 in Alexandria), the egyptian songwriter, lyricist and college student

  • Ahmed Rocker
    Ahmed Rocker

    Ahmed Mohamed (born April 28, 1992 in Alexandria), the egyptian songwriter, lyricist and college student

  • Skyler Samuels
    Skyler Samuels

    Skyler Samuels, the American actress

  • AHmed Mohamed
    AHmed Mohamed
    AHmed Mohamed

    Ahmed Mohamed (born April 28, 1992 in Alexandria), the egyptian songwriter, lyricist and college student

  • Adam Hicks
    Adam Hicks

    Adam Hicks (born November 28, 1992), the American actor

  • Monique Williams (born 1992), the Australian actress, best known for playing Jess in The Sleepover Club

  • Nicholas Elia (born October 12, 2007), the Canadian film and television actor

  • Marcela de Sousa Barrozo (born Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, January 21, 1992), the Brazilian theatre and screen actress

  • Mary Ashleigh Green (born December 24, 1992 in Hollywood, California), the American actress

  • Nicki Prian

    Nicki Prian (July 20, 1992), the American actress

  • Matías Del Pozo

    Del Pozo (born June 5th, 1992, Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Argentine actor, best known as "Harry" in Kamchatka (2002)

  • Izabelle Krizia Marquez, more popularly knwon as Zia Marquez (born May 10, 1992), the Filipina actress

  • Wayne Francis Canty (Born August 8, 1992), the Irish Television and film Actor, in training Canty, born in Mullingar, Ireland and grew up in Longford, Ireland, raised by his mother, Mary and father, Gerry

  • Matteo Guidicelli (born March 26, 1990), the Filipino-Italian actor, model and racer

  • Paulina Gaitán

    Paulina Gaitán, the Mexican actress born in 1992

  • Taylor Anna Downey

    Taylor Downey, born on September 30, 1992

  • Mai Mizuhashi

    Mai Mizuhashi, the female Japanese singer from in Ibaraki, Japan

  • Sacha Parkinson (born 11/03/1992) in Salford now living in Wigan, the British teenage actress

  • Sophie Vavasseur (born 1992), the young Irish actress from Dublin, Ireland

  • Shammu

    Shammu (born 1992 in India as Sheerin Sharmilee), the Indian film actress and model

  • Sky Ferreira, the musician born in 1992

  • Rahat Khan

    Rahat Khan, the American/Bangladeshi actor and singer best known for playing [The guy being tackled] on Terry Tate The remake BVP Advertisement TERRY TATE UNLEASHED for all four seasons but, credited as a guest in the first episode of season 4

  • Rachel Victoria

    Rachel Victoria, the young Canadian actress, with notable appearances in Millennium in the episode Antipas as Divina, biological daughter of the evil Lucy Butler, as Sonia in the second revival of The Twilight Zone in the episode Burned as Sonia

  • Sid Curtis

    Sid Curtis, the American born (November 9, 1992) actor, singer, model and dancer

  • Oren Williams, the American actor born in 1992

  • Toby Parkes, the teenage actor who starred as Petey Goodfellow in Keeping Mum

  • Piero Vergara

    Piero Miguel Sainz Vergara, better known as Piero Vergara, born on June 25, 1993 in Davao City, Philippines

  • Qasim Akhtar (born 8 June 1992), the English actor

  • Thelma Fardin

    Thelma Ines Fardín Caggiano (born October 24, 1992), the Argentine actress

  • Vanessa Morgan, the Canadian actress and singer

  • Kim Suk, the South Korean child actor

  • Charlotte Elise Best (born January 16th 1993), the Australian actress

  • Chandler Darby

    Chandler Darby (born January 9, 1992), the American film actor

  • Camille Gallardo (born June 20, 1992), the fencer

  • Cameron Ansell (born November 28, 1992 in Picton, Ontario), the Canadian voice actor, best known for voicing Arthur in the television series of the same name, Cheng in Skyland, and Prince Lumen in Spider Riders

  • Danielle Hope (born 26 April 1992), the English actress and singer

  • Deontez lockett

    Anthony, the American Actor, Singer and Dancer invold in stage and screen

  • Gabriella Flowers (born September 29, 1992), the American/Mexican actress and singer

  • Felix Drake, the English child actor and bass guitar player known for playing Wolfie in The Story of Tracy Beaker

  • Eoghan Quigg, the Irish singer from Northern Ireland, who finished third in the fifth series of the British television music talent contest The X Factor in 2008

  • Brooke Vincent (born 8th June 1991), the child actor in the popular British soap opera Coronation Street

  • Brooke Lyons, the American film and television actress

  • Andrew N. Chalmers (born July 1, 1992), the Canadian teen actor

  • Alexis Jordan (born in 1992), the American singer and actress from Columbia, South Carolina

  • Alexander Michaletos, the South-African child actor

  • Angelica Mandy

    Angelica Mandy (born August 25, 1992 in Bath, England), the English actress best known for playing Gabrielle Delacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Annie Clark

    Annie Clark (born June 4, 1992), the Canadian actress

  • Ashley Hale

    Ashley Hale (born August 19, 1992), the Canadian actress

  • Anzu Nagai, the Japanese actress

  • Anthony Lockett

    Anthony, the American Actor, Singer and Dancer invold in stage and screen

  • Giorgio Cantarini (December 5, 1992), the Italian child actor who, to date, has appeared in two Academy Award winning films: 1997's Life Is Beautiful (Italian: La vita è bella) and 2000's 'Gladiator

  • Gregg Sulkin, the English actor

  • Koe Yeet (born 1992), the Malaysian child actress, most notable for her role in Ah Long Pte Ltd and known for her sweet and angelic image

  • Keaton Tyndall

    Keaton Tyndall and Kylie Tyndall, the born on March 14, 1992

  • Keaton Tyndall (born 1992), the American actor

  • KatrineDayle Tendido(born November 23, 1992) isan American pop singer,songwriter and television and film actress who rose to fameafter starring as the title character in the Disney Channel seriesHannah Montana

  • Kylie Nicole Padilla, who is simply known as Kylie Padilla (born January 25, 1993), the Filipina actress

  • Kylie Tyndall

    Kylie Tyndall (born 1992), the American actor

  • Lee Cormie

    Lee Cormie, born in 1992 in Melbourne, Australia, where he still resides

  • Laivan Greene (born February 17, 1992 in Springfield, Massachusetts), the American actress, singer and dancer

  • Kyōsuke Ikeda

    Kyosuke Ikeda (born April 25, 1992), the Japanese actor and seiyū who is affiliated with Gekidan Nihonjido

  • Kaela Bahrey, the female child actor who plays Beatrice Morgenstein on The Business

  • Justin Kelly, the Canadian television actor

  • James Martin (born 17 June 1992), the English actor who took over the role of Peter Beale in the BBC soap opera EastEnders from Joseph Shade in October 2004

  • Justin Xavier Harris (born April 4, 1992) better known by his stage name J. Xavier, formerly Lil' J Xavier, the American rapper and actor and TV host

  • Isabelle Abiera (born Isabelle Abiera Collins on August 28, 1992 in California, USA), the Filipina actress and model

  • J.D. Lifshitz

    J.D. Lifshitz (born 11 April 1992 in Hewlett, New York), the American film director, producer, screenwriter and occasional actor

  • Jhake Angelo Vargas also known as "Jhake Vargas" (born July 9, 1992), the Filipino television actor who became popular after playing the role of young Tristan in GMA Network's remake of the Koreanovela Stairway To Heaven

  • Jordan Francis

    Jordan Francis, the Canadian actor, rapper, singer, dancer and voice actor

  • John Sharian, the English actor whose credits include The Machinist, Saving Private Ryan and the television series' CSI: Miami and Spooks

  • Jo woodcock, the actress who has appeared in dramas, such as The Bill, Doctors, Hero of the Hour and more recently appeared along side Bradley Walsh in Torn

  • Luke Ward-Wilkinson

    Luke Ward-Wilkinson, born in 1992, England, the British child actor

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