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actor born in March 1971

  • Stacy Dragila
    Stacy Dragila

    Stacy Renée Mikaelsen (born 25 March 1971 in Auburn, California), the American pole vaulter

  • Iben Hjejle
    Iben Hjejle

    Iben Hjejle (born March 22, 1971), the Danish actress, notable for starring in the John Cusack film High Fidelity (2000)

  • Shinichiro Ohta
    Shinichiro Ohta

    Shinichiro Ohta, the Japanese voice actor and television announcer noted primarily in the West for his appearance as the kitchen reporter in Iron Chef, where he, known for his rapid-fire announcing style

  • Shavar Ross
    Shavar Ross

    Shavar Malik Ross (born March 4, 1971; South Bronx, New York), the American actor-turned film director, writer, film producer and editor

  • Stefano Accorsi
    Stefano Accorsi

    Stefano Lelio Beniamino Accorsi (born 2 March 1971), the Italian actor

  • Stephanie Chambers
    Stephanie Chambers

    Stephanie Chambers (born March 9, 1971), the English actress, born in Birmingham

  • Peter Sarsgaard
    Peter Sarsgaard

    Peter Sarsgaard (born March 7, 1971), the Golden Globe Award-nominated American film and stage actor

  • Gail Porter
    Gail Porter

    Gail Porter (born March 23 1971 at the Simpson's Memorial Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland), sometimes known by her married name Gail Hipgrave, the British television presenter who became widely known after presenting Fully Booked in the late 1990s

  • Gianfranco

    Gianfranco, the Italian given name

  • Jintara Poonlarp
    Jintara Poonlarp

    Jintara Poonlarp (b. March 12, 1971, in Kaset Wisai District, Roi Et Province, Thailand), the Thai mor lam, luk thung and pop music singer

  • Scott Mosier
    Scott Mosier

    Scott George Mosier (born 5 March, 1971 in Washington), the American film producer, editor, and cameo actor who has done work in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse films

  • Nathan Fillion
    Nathan Fillion

    Nathan Fillion (as in million; born March 27, 1971), the Canadian actor, currently starring as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle

  • Nick Stabile
    Nick Stabile

    Nick Stabile (born March 4, 1971), the American television actor

  • Penny Lancaster
    Penny Lancaster

    Penny Lancaster-Stewart (born on 15 March 1971), the English model and photographer

  • Mikey Welsh
    Mikey Welsh
    Mikey Welsh

    Mikey Welsh, the musician born in 1971 and died in 2011

  • Megyn Price
    Megyn Price

    Megyn Price (born March 24, 1971 in Seattle, Washington), the American actress

  • Karen McDougal
    Karen McDougal

    Karen McDougal (born March 23, 1971), the American model and actress

  • Mark Consuelos
    Mark Consuelos

    Mark Andrew Consuelos (born March 30, 1971 in Zaragoza, Spain), the television and film actor

  • Max Cortés
    Max Cortés

    Max Cortés, the Spanish stripper, pornographic actor and director.He, born in Barcelona in the 1970s

  • Emmanuel Lewis
    Emmanuel Lewis

    Emmanuel Lewis (born March 9, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York), the American actor

  • Ewan Mcgregor
    Ewan Mcgregor

    Ewan McGregor (born 1973), a member of the group Wylde Ratttz

  • Charlie Brooker
    Charlie Brooker

    Charlton Brooker, commonly known as Charlie Brooker, (born in Reading, Berkshire), the British comedian, writer, columnist and broadcaster

  • Tony Eveready
    Tony Eveready

    Tony Eveready (born Duane Reed Moore on March 12, 1971), the hardcore porn star who entered the industry in 1994

  • Chris Patton
    Chris Patton

    Christopher David Patton (born March 15, 1971 in Houston, Texas), the American voice actor who works at Funimation Entertainment/OkraTron 5000 and ADV Films/Seraphim Digital

  • Yuri Lowenthal
    Yuri Lowenthal

    Yuri Lowenthal (born on March 5, 1971 in Alliance, Ohio), the voice actor that has voiced several anime and video game characters

  • Annabeth Gish
    Annabeth Gish

    Annabeth Gish (b. Anne Elizabeth Gish on March 13, 1971 in Albuquerque, New Mexico), the contemporary American actress known for starring roles in Shag, The X-Files, Mystic Pizza and Double Jeopardy

  • Bipasha Hayat
    Bipasha Hayat

    Bipasha Hayat (born March 23, 1971), the Bangladeshi actress

  • Bruce Bowen
    Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Jr. (born June 14, 1971), the retired American professional basketball player

  • Christian Eigner
    Christian Eigner

    Christian Eigner (born 3rd March 1971 in Vienna, Austria), the session musician, having worked on over 300 albums

  • Andre van Heerden
    Andre van Heerden
    Andre van Heerden

    André van Heerden (born March 9, 1971), the African born, Canadian citizen

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson

    its the black allen johnson everyone Allen Kenneth Johnson (born March 1, 1971), the hurdling athlete and won Olympic Gold in the 110 metre high hurdles at the 1996 games in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Donogh Rees
    Donogh Rees

    Donough Rees (born March 8, 1971), the actress who voices Necrolai in Power Rangers: Mystic Force

  • Diego Torres
    Diego Torres

    Diego Torres (born 1971), the performer

  • Touré

    Touré (born Touré Neblett; March 20, 1971), the American novelist, music journalist, cultural critic, and television personality based in New York City

  • Wayne Arthurs
    Wayne Arthurs
    Wayne Arthurs

    Wayne Arthurs (born 18 March 1971 in Adelaide, Australia), the retired Australian professional tennis player

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith

    Amber Smith (born March 2, 1971), the American actress and former supermodel

  • Dave Gorman
    Dave Gorman

    David James Gorman (born 2 March 1971), the English not JEWISH author, stand-up comedian and presenter

  • Ryan Mark Lambert (born March 29, 1971), the American performer who starred in the television show Kids Incorporated from 1985 until 1988, in which he played himself

  • Yūsuke Santamaria

    Yūsuke Santamaria, born Yūsuke Nakayama, the actor and singer born March 12, 1971 in Ōita Ōita Prefecture, Japan who premiered primarily on Japanese networks such as JDTV and JHJ

  • Yan Ni

    Yan Ni (born March 10, 1971), born as Yan Kaiyan, the Chinese actress

  • Thom Barron, born March 27, 1971, in Germany, the gay porn star

  • Tyler Florence (born March 3, 1971), the chef and television star of several Food Network shows

  • Shinichirō Ōta

    Shinichirō Ōta (born March 20, 1971, Kanagawa, Japan), the Japanese seiyū and television announcer noted primarily in the West for his appearance as the kitchen reporter in Iron Chef, where he, known for his rapid-fire announcing style

  • Yūsuke Santamaria

    Yūsuke Santamaria, born Yūsuke Nakayama, the playwright, singer, television producer, graphics designer, and animator born March 12, 1971 in Ōita Ōita Prefecture, Japan who premiered primarily on Japanese networks such as JDTV and JHJ

  • Scott Krycia

    Scott Krycia (born March 24, 1971), the American film director, producer, actor, and photographer

  • Ingrid Kavelaars (born March 20, 1971) London, Ontario, the Canadian film actress

  • Darren Bundock

    Darren Bundock (born 21 March 1971), the Australian sailor from Gosford, New South Wales

  • David Robert "Dave" Holmes (born March 14, 1971), the television personality who gained national attention as the runner-up on MTV's first Wanna Be a VJ contest in 1998

  • Elizabeth Lackey

    Elizabeth Lackey, (born March 2, 1971 in Sydney, Australia), the American actress

  • Dalton James (born March 19, 1971), the American actor

  • Chris Hollins (born 20 March 1971), the English journalist, presenter and sportsman, currently employed by the BBC and best known for being the sports correspondent for BBC Breakfast, and for winning Strictly Come Dancing 2009

  • Anne W. Burrell, the American celebrity chef and instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City

  • Catherine Michelle "Cammi" Granato (born March 25, 1971), the retired American female ice hockey player and one of the first women to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November 2010

  • Kathryn Carmindy Bowyer (born March 26, 1971), the makeup artist based in New York City

  • Francesca Rettondini (born March 7, 1971), the Italian actress and supermodel

  • Giulia Lacedelli (born 22 March 1971 in Cortina d'Ampezzo), the Italian curler

  • Jeong Jun-ha (Korean: 정준하, Hanja: 鄭準夏; born 18 March 1971), the South Korean comedian and entertainer

  • Julien Macdonald OBE (born March 19, 1972), the Welsh fashion designer

  • Laila Elin Goody (born 22 March 1971), the Norwegian actress

  • Alexander Chaplin, birth name Alexander Gaberman, (born 20 March, 1971), the American actor

  • Hanan Turk (حنان ترك) (born March 7, 1975), the Egyptian actress and former ballerina

  • Graham Abbey

    Graham Abbey, born on March 24, 1971

  • Gülse Birsel (b. Istanbul, January 29, 1971), the Turkish comedian, writer, scenarist and actress

  • Murray Bartlett (born March 20, 1971, Sydney, Australia), the Australian actor

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